Italian Priest escapes death after almost sipping holy communion wine poisoned with bleach


Parish priest of San Nicola di Pannanconi near Vibo Valentia in southern Italy, Father Felice Palamara, narrowly avoided consuming bleach during a church service.

The latest episode in a series of threats and intimidation against him has prompted a police investigation.

Father Palamara, about to partake in Holy Communion, detected the strong scent of cleaning product in the chalice just in time to avert a potential tragedy.

The police were summoned, and subsequent examination revealed the chalice contained a lethal amount of bleach.

This incident follows a pattern of threats and attacks on Father Palamara, including vandalised cars and numerous death threats.

Detectives are exploring connections between this latest attack and a similar bizarre incident involving another local priest, Father Francesco Pontoriero, who discovered a dead cat in his car.

Both priests have received numerous death threats, prompting authorities to examine potential links and review CCTV footage from the respective churches.

While the motive behind the attacks remains unclear, an investigative source suggests various possibilities, including organised crime, local mafia involvement, or individuals harbouring grudges against the church.

Father Palamara, resilient in the face of adversity, expressed his commitment to love and forgiveness in a note to his parishioners.

In response to the escalating threats, police have assigned round-the-clock protection to Father Palamara, who remains determined to maintain a positive outlook amid the challenges.

Local bishop Attilio Nostro condemned the acts as incompatible with Christian values and calls on the community to resist being swayed by violence and hatred, advocating for a response grounded in love and dialogue.


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