It’s a ‘brought in dead alliance’… Lungu is tainted, using others as doormats to metamorphose PF – Mweetwa


It’s a ‘brought in dead alliance’ – Mweetwa … Lungu is tainted, using others as doormats to metamorphose PF

Chief government spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has described the opposition alliance as a “brought in dead” project.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Mweetwa said the other individuals were being duped by former president Edgar Lungu and the PF to form another organization as the former ruling party was no longer sellable to…


  1. Iwee mweetwa in your own wisdom ,HH used the other opposition leaders to win and ride on them ,so why should it be an issue if other political parties form an allance.Leave ecl alone

    • Zamzam iwe c’mon Satan never returned to Heaven after his rejection. Your Edgar Lungu was democratically chased out of State House by 2.8 citizens. HH went into alliance with Mutati and Milupi while in opposition and not as a rejected Republican President like Edgar Lungu. Machende yako for failing to know the truth.

  2. How I wish we could have sanity and not Satan starting from our leaders in governance today who seem to be corrupted and illusionistic in their own understanding.

    We are the voters and keenly waiting for that day in 2026 and not demonic blame game talk of sainthood.

    Mweetwa you can do well to understand your parameters and concentrate on how best you can deliver unlike the irrelevance of ingloriously taking the citizens of our mother land for foolishness even after 3 years in governance office .

    Why ride on lungus legacy if you have a point to prove ?and if you can build your own ?. lungus no vision strategy not only boosts but talks for itself in all the four corners of mother Zambia. The man deserves a standing ovation everywhere he goes. Do you ?

    Lord have mercy on you comrade ,we in the 5 industrial revolution era now . meanwhile, put your energies right and get to work mdala and stop making unnecessary noise as you didn’t put yourselves in office . this is Zambia.


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