It’s All About Your Hate For Messi — MLS Star Slams Ronaldo


Former Major League Soccer (MLS) midfielder, Michael Lahoud, has taken a swipe at Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of Al-Nassr, for his recent claim that the Saudi Pro League (SPL) is superior to the MLS.

Lahoud, known for his stints with Philadelphia Union and FC Cincinnati during his MLS career, criticized Ronaldo’s statement, attributing it to the Portuguese star’s rivalry with Lionel Messi, who recently made a high-profile move to the MLS side, Inter Miami.

Speaking to CBS Sports, Lahoud didn’t hold back in his response, accusing Ronaldo of indulging in excessive hookah smoking and dismissing the credibility of his remarks. The former MLS player labeled Ronaldo’s claim as “ludicrous” and highlighted that comparing the SPL to established leagues like the Eredivisie and Super Lig after just one year was unreasonable.

The controversy deepened as Lahoud suggested that Ronaldo’s comments were merely an attempt to maintain relevance in the spotlight, especially after Lionel Messi’s highly publicized transfer to Inter Miami.

Lahoud inferred that Ronaldo’s statement might be influenced by his eagerness to divert attention from Messi’s arrival, which generated significant buzz within North America’s soccer community.

Furthermore, Lahoud alluded to Ronaldo’s previous statements about the Serie A when he left Juventus, implying that the Portuguese star had left the Italian team in a state of disarray. This further fueled his argument that Ronaldo’s remarks might be influenced by personal motives rather than an objective assessment of league quality.

Ronaldo’s claim that the SPL surpasses the MLS has been met with skepticism from soccer enthusiasts and experts alike, given the vast difference in league history, player profiles, and global recognition.


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