IT’S HICHILEMA FOSTERING THE PURGE-The buck stops with President Hakainde Hichilema- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


IT’S HICHILEMA FOSTERING THE PURGE-The buck stops with President Hakainde Hichilema

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Recently over 300 qualified senior public service workers are parked at Public Service Management Service Division( PSMD) for fake redeployment. They are on constructive dismissal status.

Others have been fired or retired in national interest, the very vice President Hakainde Hichilema vowed he would not allow to happen in his government.

This is because these officials have been discriminated against and have been removed from their positions on mere allegations that they were appointed or employed during the previous government and were therefore members of the Patriotic Front.

Personally I have seen individuals I worked with at Former President Frederick Chiluba’s office, or in provinces or Ministries, victimized, removed or fired on allegations that they collaborate with me.

They are being fired by their mere past association with me or the previous government. Tribe and region is also a strong factor in their removal as those from their regions have retained their jobs.

A past picture with me becomes active official and incriminating evidence that justifies the false allegations that such persons collaborate with me.

In many cases I have not spoken or interacted with these individuals for many years.

Recently a consumate professional and experienced diplomat was recalled from South Africa and later fired from his newly appointed position at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on unfair allegations that he was close to me and may be collaborating with me as I served as Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa ( 2015-2019).

Similarly do not be fooled that the dismissal of television personality and competent journalist, Brian Mwale is instigated or is an action by jealousy co-workers.

The man to blame is President Hakainde Hichilema who has fostered a hostile environment for all public servant that he found and has allowed the systematic purge of professionals from public service and state-owned enterprises.

These individuals are fired or removed on mere allegation that they interacted with past government officials. Many are denied employment opportunities even when they are qualified and pass competitive interviews.

On the other hand, their kinsmen are given jobs and are quickly promoted in many cases without requisite qualifications or experience.

As seen from their rogue media, they have published Brian Mwale’s Facebook posting when he visited the Zambia Embassy in South Africa during the SADC Meeting in 2018, as reasons to doubt his loyalty to work in government or in a government agency.

President Hichilema must be told that he is actively breaking the law by denying employment opportunities and discriminating against Zambians.

President Hichilema is abrogating the Constitution that allows Zambians to have equal access to opportunities in the Republic.

My appeal to President Hichilema is that he should stop forthwith to practice reverse tribalism and reverse victimization.

He is expected to be President of all Zambians and President of Zambians from all regions.

It is totally unacceptable that President Hichilema has fashioned himself as a President for some Zambians and a President for some regions.


  1. Mwamba, I thought you were bragging at one point that you know all the government plans even before some ministers hears them because you had influence! What does that mean, you were exercising undue influence because your stooges were frustrating government programs. You lead to this outcome if at all it is happening

  2. Mwamba you’re a big problem. You started very well in your career , but it won’t end well with your propaganda. Otherwise you will be finished like a unwatered follewers because you’re full of confusions and you’re only inviting troubles from everywhere.
    Mind yourself

    • Has Mwaamba ever wondered why Bemba replaced chinyanja along the streets in Lsk or along the Office corridors? Mwaamba and his PF cohorts should be the last people to talk about tribalism. Whenever, these characters attempt to protect their kin in the public service they end up doing them a disservices by exposing the unnormaly which exists in these institutions.
      I dnt knw wht Emmanuel thinks he can achieve by his unwise utterrences. If anybody cared to get stats on the legislature, Judiciary, or executive, simply put Government, quasi institutions even the same Embassies and do a tribal head count they will find the majority are Emmanuel’s relatives. A head count at Cabinet office ZNBC, Zesco, zamtel, foreign affairs infact all GRZ Ministries etc will prove Emmanuel wrong. The problem is Emmanuel does not speak with Facts. Even if UPND appoints a Tonga PS but fact still remains that Directors and subordinate staff all the way down will tilt towards Mwaamba’s village.
      There is no reverse tribalism that UPND can achieve in 10 years that can undo wht Chiluba, Sata and ECL cemented. Sometimes silence is golden instead of exposing vulnerabilities under a misguided approach that one is protecting his kin. The more reason some progressives suggest for same quotas for each tribe at various stratum to achieve tribal balancing and stop people from crying wolf wolf.

  3. Mwamba suffers from loss of USD salary he used to receive. He cant afford to buy those bleaching creams from Nigeria.
    He is irrelevant a sore loser and co thief in chiluba’s regime.
    Can’t wait for you to be visiting the courts
    Shame on you


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