Its Highly Hypocritical For HH To Remain Mute Over Nakachinda’s Conviction On A Law That He Repealed Himself




The conviction and sentencing of Raphael Nakachinda to 18 months in prison with hard labor is a pure dictatorial tendance meant to silence the critics of a failed Government and a malicious manuvour to steal the right to freedom of expression of the private citizens.

The law that Nachinda is purported to have committed was repealed by President HH himself in 2022 when he abolished it to be a criminal offense. And in backing his decision President HH said “the law on criminal defamation of the president “inhibits the growth of democracy and good governance, impedes human rights and basic freedoms.” Why then is he quiet over the matter that seriously raise questions over his rule and his application of democracy that him and his foreign friends endlessly sing about? if this is not a notorious face of hypocrisy or vengeance what would it be then?

When we talk about the shrinking democratic space this is what we mean, when we talk about the suspension of the constitution this is what we mean.

If President HH has any atom of shame he must suspend Raphael Nakacinda’s conviction, release him, and stop prosecuting political opponents and others under this revoked law. We are a country of law and no one including the President and the judges has the power to replace the supreme law of the land with their emotions.

This act itself sends very sad feelings over our Judiciary, how can the custodian of the law in the names of courts justify this careless conduct.
On what law or penal code did the judge base his judgement. In 2022, President HH assented to Penal Code (Amendment) Bill No. 25, which repealed section 69, effectively abolishing the crime of defaming the president. On what basis was this judgement made?

President HH is also quoted saying that he had repealed the law as part of his commitment to democracy as it is “the democratic right of every citizen to be able to exercise their rights, what then has changed in Nakachinda’s case?

This only clearly tells us that President HH intends to use the law to stifle critical voices and deter criticism from the suffering citizens. This only defines the deteriorating civil and political rights situation in our nation.

What our colleague as been subject to is purely an abuse of the law and a malicious infringement of human rights.

President HH must know that there is life after the presidency and all the energies that he is directing on political opponents and critics must be directed on fulfilling his many lies that brought him into power.

It should sink in President HH’s head that no amount of arrests has ever reduced the cost of living anywhere in the world.

Release Nakachinda for he is unlawfully incarcerated.



  1. If HH interferes YOU will be the first to accuse him of interfering and controlling the judiciary. Nakachinda went too far. He committed Libel not only against the head of state but the judiciary too.

  2. He was charged and arrested before the law being cited was amended. The author is a clearly misinformed PF cadre. He has a right to appeal and that’s all the remedy he can get.

  3. You have nothing to write my friend. HH is not a judge and that’s why there are appeals.
    If Nakachinda is innocent, as you put it, advise him to appeal and, probably, foot the bill.
    Nakachinda brought in the judiciary in his mouth diarrhea and was that too repealed?
    High cost of living was created by PF through their reckless borrowing and used the same to party after party .
    New dawn government has out performed a number of previous governments already.
    You are shrinking the Democratic space because of your bad behavior and stop blaming anyone.

  4. Repealing of the law on defamation of the President does not mean one has the right to make wild and false allegations.

  5. Is HH the arresting officer or the judge?
    Be serious. This is a president of a country and he has a lot of things to look at, better things for that matter.
    Any small thing. . . HH.
    Not even referring to the minister of home affairs?

  6. What does separation of powers mean?
    The courts convicted Nakachinda. What does that have to do with HH?
    The problem is that some people think being a Politician is a passport to break the law. We are all equal before the law.


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