NEVERS Mumba says peace is neither accidental nor does it grow by itself, without specific and particular effort by those who seek it.

Explaining why his party, the New Hope MMD, did not sign the peace pact at the Peace Conference at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Wednesday, Mumba said no matter what political players do and posture, peace cannot happen until and unless the players summon their will for it.

“…we attended The Peace Conference convened by The Coalition for Peaceful Elections in Zambia. The MMD wishes our beloved nation Zambia enduring peace before, during and after these elections. We as MMD pledge our commitment to peace as we have done all along under my leadership,” Mumba said.

He said it was his party’s view that such peace comes from three places.

“From the inside of a person. Using this analogy, we think that it is important for the different political organisations to be at peace internally. The different organisations should use all means available to inculcate peace in their organisation,” he said.

Mumba said there was no peace that could come from troubled persons or organisations.

“From a willingness to make it happen, we have to be clear that no matter what we do, no matter our posturing, peace cannot happen until and unless we summon our will for it,” he said.

Mumba said in the absence of willingness, enduring peace would continue to be elusive.

He said beyond the Wednesday event, political players needed to be willing to walk across to each other and talk about the difficult things that keep coming between them.

“For instance, we have been on the receiving end of sustained provocation from the PF for the longest time. As late as yesterday, our colleagues were busy with their efforts. We are therefore reserved to sign on the dotted lines where they will sign because we think it is hypocritical on their part and it will certainly be on our part,” Mumba said. “However, we are willing to sign once we get an indication that the PF will abandon their provocative ways.”

He said his party thinks that the achievement of such enduring peace could be realised as ‘their friends’, eminent persons, impartial civil society organisations, the Church among others come to their help and nudge them along.

“We must continue the legacy of peace that our founding father KK worked so hard for. Zambia shall be Saved,” said Mumba.


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