“It’s nice because you can control them” – Zodwa Wabantu on why she dates younger men


Raunchy South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu says she likes to date younger men because they are easier to control, while admitting that she would like to get married in the not too distant future.

Zodwa, who claims to have found love with a new man, who is eight years her junior, has made headlines in the past for her alleged sexual encounters with younger men.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Zodwa claimed that she was seemingly after younger men because she found it easier to get them to do what she desired.

“They are easy to be with. It’s nice because you can control them.”

Zodwa also said that she had put an end to her last relationship because the young man she was with did not seem interested in being tied down by a serious relationship. The 31-year-old she is currently dating, she said, had been in her life for a few years.

“The last one I had, there was no drama or big deal. It’s just that I saw DMs (direct messages).

“When you see DMs you can tell this person has intentions of stepping out of the relationship, so before he does I get rid of him because it means he thinks he is smart and can run the streets.

“So you let him go so he can run the streets, not with your money, not with your cars, or clothes you buy him. If someone wants to cheat he must go do it,” she said.

Despite her dramatic love life, Zodwa said she still wanted to get married.

“I’m old now. I would love to have a ring on my finger,” she said.


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