It’s not a crime to call for civil disobedience… Hakainde must be ashamed for taking us backwards – Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba

It’s not a crime to call for civil disobedience – Kabimba … Hakainde must be ashamed for taking us backwards

Economic Front Party leader Wynter Kabimba says President Hakainde Hichilema must be ashamed to be taking this country 50 years backwards where the country is now rife with arbitrary arrests of opposition politicians.

Speaking with Daily Revelation Newspaper, Kabimba said the culture of arbitrary detentions is dragging the country to the old era one party state.

Commenting on the arrest and detention of PF Information chairperson Emmanuel Mwamba and PF secretary general Raphael Nakachinda for offences of seditious practices, Kabimba said President Hichilema must…


  1. Mr. Kabimba, of late I had started noticing some bit of change in you because at times you could say something positive about HH and his government. Unlike your former friend who is always negative on anything, as long as he sees or hears that it’s HH who has done it. Of course it’s normal as human beings to hate someone but not to that extent. We keep on wondering what he did to him to commit this unforgivable sin. At least you, you cleared the air told us the reason, maybe HH will also tell us one day. But the point I want to make is that personal hatred should not be brought into the public debate, that should be avoided as much as possible. Now coming to your point where you are saying calling for mass demonstrations is not a crime and you are already pointing your finger at HH. But did you hear HH at one time claiming that calling for mass demonstrations is a crime? Maybe you heard him, you can tell us. You had been in the ruling party for many years and you know how the government works, besides the information which the general public has, it has also its own top soup information which determines on what action to take. The police, the intelligence, army, dec are all alert at all times and they inform and advise the government on what to do. Where they suspect a breakdown in the law and order, they will prevent it as quickly as possible. But if they just leave things loose because calling for mass demonstrations is not a crime, and law and order breaks down, then mass demonstrations become a crime. People are still being arrested in Brazil and USA because of some lapse in security, those mass demonstrations became a crime. Both Bolsanaro and Trump are still being being investigated to find out if they played any role in inciting the people. So my brother Mr.Kabimba, whether calling for mass demonstrations is a crime or not, the one who incites people to mass demonstrate commits a crime and if he is proved or found guilty, he can be prosecuted under the law, if you want, do it and make yourself an example and you will prove me right.


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