Percy Chanda


26 TH APRIL 2021


When did it become a crime to refuse church empowerment fund from PF? PF must leave alone those that have refused to take part in looting this Country, don’t take them to task. Those that have refused have stated their reasons. PF was clearly told to channel that money to the needy areas such as buying of medicines for hospitals and other critical areas. PF was also politely asked to explain the source of money when the Country is clearly broke. The source of empowerment funds remains unknown to all Zambians. Will it be wrong for Zambians to speculate that PF is forcing churches to receive stolen money? Why should PF drag the clergy into committing a sin? Even Judas Iscariot took back the pieces of silver after realizing that was bloody money

We see the Minister of Religious Affairs going round the Country persuading the clergy to accept the church empowerment funds. We leave it to individual men and women of the collar to talk to their conscious and decide whether it’s morally right in the eyes of the Lord to betray Zambians that are dying out of simple ailments due to non availability of medicines in hospitals.

Our Men and Women of the collar should also consciously decide whether its morally right for them to receive heavy envelops from PF when their congregants are killing each other over a plate of nshima due to high poverty levels. Our Men and Women of the collar should ask themselves if our youths will forever live on handouts.

We have said it before that poverty in this Country was designed by PF in order to control Zambians politically. The church should provide leadership by telling Zambians the truth that PF has destroyed this country. How many of our Men and Women of the collar know the source of money PF is giving them? On earth it’s a crime to receive something that you suspect to be from the proceeds of crime. We believe it’s the same with our Holy Father in heaven. The church should serve mankind using the word of God with integrity not selfishness and crookedness. PF should use churches to repent their sins not showing off stolen wealth.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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