It’s now money lenders they have targeted- Emmanuel Mwamba


Emmanuel Mwamba

It’s now money lenders they have targeted!

This serves to inform individuals and companies conducting money lenders
businesses that they are required under the Money Lenders Act, to acquire a money
lending licence in accordance with Money Lenders Act, CAP 398 (3).

In this regard,
money lenders are reminded to acquire or renew their money lending licences
issued by the office of the Accountant General, Ministry of Finance and National

This is in addition to the certificate issued by the Judiciary.

Therefore, unless there is a license, the money lenders business should not be

WARNING: Operating a money lending business without a valid money lenders
licence is an offence under the Laws of Zambia. In view of this, all money lending
businesses are hereby directed to ensure that requirements of the Law are adhered to, without exception. Any person who operates a money lending business without a valid licence, shall be guilly of an offence and shall be liable to a fine, imprisonment, or both.

As a Ministry, we will follow the law to the later and ensure that defaulters are brought to justice.

This official notification issued by:


  1. The alarmist at it again. You mean we can read tgese notices that the state posts?
    Or maybe you have nothing better to do as media Chair of PF and have now become a journalist for ZO?


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