It’s our candidates who will file tomorrow, Sampa’s leadership is illegal – Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

It’s our candidates who will file tomorrow, Sampa’s leadership is illegal – Mwamba

AS the by-election nominations take center stage in Mayembe, Kayo, and Kapamba Wards tomorrow questions arise on which candidates will file in nominations under the PF party

This is because there are two factions, one led by Given Lubinda while the other by Miles Sampa who is considered as the legitimate president of the party by the Registrar of societies and Parliament.

And Last Thursday the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) specified stringent requirements for aspiring candidates including including the submission of nominations with endorsement by Party President and Secretary General.

However PF Publicity Chairperson Emmanuel Mwamba in the Lubinda camps says their faction is well prepared with candidates selected and set to be unveiled.

Mwamba told Kalemba in an interview that Sampa still remains an illegitimate leader and can not be considered President.

“We will be filling in; we have our candidates, and we have signed the certificate,” Mwamba said to a certain that they had followed due process.

Mwamba hopes that their candidates will be accepted as,”failure to do so will be breaking the law.”

“We have strongly contested that the changes effected at the Registrar Of Societies and in parliament remain illegal,” he said.

The PF publicity chairperson strongly contested the changes made at the registrar of societies and in parliament, insisting that they remain illegal

“Mr Sampa who they want to impose as PF president held an illegal conference and those facts have not changed.”

Mwamba asserted the party’s commitment to respecting the constitution despite ongoing legal disputes.

But he expressed dissatisfaction with the delay in the court’s decision to grant them an injunction, adding fuel to the already tense political atmosphere.



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