UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged that the PF will not “survive the trap” in the August 2021 elections because crookedness has a limit.

He says despite the ruling party being in “complete disarray” now, Zambians should not expect an official announcement of failure.

Hichilema told Zambians that this was not time for them to start believing any PF conspiracy against him and the UPND.

“PF will not climb on an anthill to officially announce that ‘we have failed.’ Haven’t you seen that their firefighting tactics have been intensified? That’s their way of announcing their failure and sometimes I wonder why it has taken this long for some of you to detect this governance catastrophe,” Hichilema said. “This absolutely incompetent team of men and women in PF is now in this visible disarray. Complete disarray and many sensible people in there (in the PF) agree with our position as UPND. Of course, they will not confirm that with you and we don’t expect them to do that, anyway.”

He added: “the people of Zambia shouldn’t be waiting for a reminder from anyone to see and even feel the failure of this government.”

“PF has failed but they are doing all this cheap politicking to keep themselves beyond the desire of the people of Zambia. But this time around, they will not survive the trap. Crookedness has a limit, no doubt about that,” Hichilema cautioned.

“We are closely monitoring PF, day and night and I advise them to simply lose elections and go, without resorting to committing any more crimes against the people of Zambia. It’s perilous for them!”

He requested Zambians, amidst the barefaced failure: “of this so-called government,” to start preparing themselves to vote out the PF in exactly 11 months from now.

“This is not time to believe in defective isms which are being advanced by the propaganda apparatus of PF. I appeal to the people of Zambia that do not buy the PF’s narrative of tribalism or anything damaging against us,” Hichilema said. “They have been sitting in those executive offices to do nothing but to unfairly drive a wedge between the people of Zambia and HH and of course, the UPND. [But] we thank the people of Zambia for tossing out the PF’s bigotry against us, each time these despicable people tried to frame those of us in the UPND. Please, mwebena Zambia my word to you is that continue guarding against any negative conspiracies of PF on the UPND in general and HH in particular.”

Hichilema underscored that there are only 11 more months before the President Edgar Lungu led-PF could be voted out.

He believes that the UPND and himself, “courtesy of the people of Zambia, God’s will,” would be in government next year.

“We’ll immediately start working on fixing basically everything in this country. [I say] everything in the sense that PF has turned Zambia into some sort of a wreckage,” Hichilema said.

“But this is our country, our forefathers’, our children’s and their children’s country and so, we shall never ever let this country to be completely destroyed by a greedy assembly of characters, while we watch.”

The opposition leader asserted that he was prepared to revitalise Zambia’s fortunes.

“Most of these fellows in PF know about our seriousness. Why do you think they are throwing at you (the media) all these unfounded issues? They want to sidetrack your attention as media people, they want us to lose track but they are mistaken. Not HH and definitely not anyone else in the UPND. We are prepared to go the full distance and we mean what we say,” Hichilema said. “It is in this breath that I request the people of Zambia to either ignore or laugh at the malice of PF against us. PF is simply bidding farewell to the people of Zambia and I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who fairly enough follows our politics as a country knows why PF has become desperate.”

He said, “if anything, their desperation will get hotter as we get closer to August next year.”

“The last kicks of this dying horse called PF will get harder. But we’ll not give them any slightest chance to continue this misrule that the people of Zambia have continued to endure,” Hichilema said. “Can you, for a minute, think about another five years of PF in power! What more disaster, in the general sense, can this country see? Everyone should know by now that the rule of law broke down in this country some years back, under the leadership of this same PF.”

He further reiterated that Zambia’s economy was suffocated

“If you look at the dollar-kwacha rate today, it’s very sickening. I have deliberately avoided to intrinsically start a deep economic explanation because there is a tendency by some people to hate numbers. But I like numbers because they don’t lie….” said Hichilema. “But the surprising thing, despite the state in which our economy is, is that people still want to talk about non-issues. How can that be logical, surely? That’s what happens when one has lost legitimacy; they rent user-friendly voices to start pandering all sorts of things.”


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