Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba wrote;

It’s President Hichilema who has changed his position on the Barotseland issue

UPND Media are circulating my remarks given to the SABC in 2018 after the channel featured Barotse activist.
I have never changed my position..

It’s Mr. Hichilema that has changed his views. He weaponised this matter against President Michael Sata and President Edgar Lungu to garner support in Western Province.

When we expose his earlier position on the matter, it doesn’t mean that we have changed our position. He has changed his position as past posts reveal


  1. The problem with our politicians they don’t know when things are too serious to be politics as usual. Ask yourselves are Zambian lives less important than your squabbles of who should occupy the colonial house. Because soon someone’s son will die over this issue if you continue to incite this..

  2. The trouble in Zambia learning democracy, even open stupidity is considered politics. What’s politics? It’s the competition of ideas to advance and improve the lives and well-being of the citizens. Now when you’re a leader and championing divisions, on whose behalf are you practising politics? You saw a divisible BREXIT was? Do you still see any of the leaders that championed BREXIT? NO? WHAT HAPPENED TO BREXIT? IT FAILED and affected the British government heavily economically. Don’t experiment with people’s lives. Take your children and put them in the forefront. Stop pushing a dead hose!


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