It’s shocking that HH is depending on foreign advisory services to govern – Chris Zumani

Chris Zumani
Zumani Zimba

It’s shocking that HH is depending on foreign advisory services to govern – Zumani

FORMER president Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Chris Zumani Zimba says Zambians are depressed that President Hakainde Hichilema is depending on foreign advisory services to run government.

In November, the National Assembly debated estimates of revenue and expenditure Head 01 in the Office of the President – State House for the year January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024, with K26,601,685 allocated to presidential advisory services and K22,149,614 to presidential affairs and initiatives while the management and support service was allocated K95,430,543.

In summary, the State House operational budget estimates for 2024 stands at K144,181,842, of which K55,330,662 represents personal emoluments while K851,780, represents non-personal emoluments.

Commenting on State House Chief Communications Specialist Clayson Hamasaka’s statement that there’s nothing abnormal about…… News Diggers


  1. Clearly this Zumani’s Permanent Head PhD, Damage is starting to show from such articles that now look like from Amb Mwamba??

  2. Looking at the low levels of analytical skills displayed by the so called educated Zambian like Dr. Mmembe and Dr. Zimba (whom I don’t even think they are worthy to be called by such a title) due shallow understanding of issues seen from their writings, I think it even makes sense get foreign advisors who seem more knowledgeable than these Zambians.
    Surely can one expect the president to get advise from people with such thinking capacity levels? Definitely not until they start showing some higher levels of analytical skills.


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