It’s total betrayal: His U$1 Million Presidential Advisory Experts smiles Gayism, Imperialism, lesbianism & Neo Colonialism- Dr. Chris ZUMANI


It’s total betrayal: His U$ 1 Million Presidential Advisory Experts smiles Gayism, Imperialism, lesbianism & Neo Colonialism

By Dr. Chris ZUMANI Zimba

1. Introduction

Our president, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema (HH) is now one of the most advised and expensive leaders in Africa maybe only second to Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni. It is urged that Museveni is the world’s most heavily advised leader with a team of 82 presidential advisors appointed to advise him on specific subjects and issues.

At the pace Bally is moving, Zambia’s president may overtake Museveni soon especially after learning that State House’s budget allocation for 2024 is now increased to K550,493,726.00�($160million) covering foreign trips, presidential advisory services, etc. He has his big special advisory team, presidential delivery unity, Tony Blair Foundation, Brenthurdt Foundation, Presidential team under Cabinet, etc.

The actual breakdown of State House Budget based on the cabinet document is as follows: (1) presidential advisory services is allocated K26,601,685.00; (2) Presidential Affairs allocated K22,149,614.00;
(3) Management and Support Service allocated K95,430,543.00; and (4) State and Presidential Affairs Under Cabinet Office allocated K406,311,884.00.The collective total is surely alarming and depressing for voters and citizens.

What are the key issues emerging from this discussion for HH’s increased presidential budget? Why should Zambians be worried about it? From my end, l have identified four key issues. These are as follows:

2. First issue: Abnormal amount for HH’s foreign consultants, trips and presidential affairs matters

Our problem here is more to do with this huge tax payers money going to hire and pay foreign consultants, external trips, etc for state house. We are talking about more than K550 million Kwacha meant for state house only: more than half a billion.

In the SADC region if not in Africa, HH could have the highest budget for external consultants and foreign trips. We are talking about U$1 million strictly for foreign presidential advisors. It’s a total waste of public funds: a betrayal to his suffering voters.

President HH repeatedly assured Zambians that he was well trained and best suited to govern the country. Why is he relying on hiring foreign advisors to run Zambia? HH promised Zambians that he will reduce the cost of running government. How come he now keeps on increasing his state house budget each year?

Many times, HH used to fool the PF government to consult him for help on governance matters. How come now HH seem so lost and confused that he is increasingly relying on hiring expensive foreign presidential advisors? In fact, he specifically hires and pays whites at the expensive cost of a human nose (U$1 million).

“Bally Will Fix It” was his famous campaign slogan that swept the nationwide hearts of voters to vote for him. He gave Zambians hope for political redemption. But this Bally lied: this Bally has failed: hence this Bally is now hiring foreign advisors to help him govern his country. He is hiring imperialists and Neo colonialists to run our country. It’s total betrayal!

3. Second issue: Toni Blair, former UK Prime Minister and renowned Gay Ambassador now running Zambia

Remember, when HH just became president, Tony Blair was the first high profiled foreign leader who visited him at State House on 29th September, 2021. Clearly, he came to secure his consultancy deal of helping HH to govern Zambia as his external advisor.

In the 2024 Zambia’s budget, there is $1million (more than K25 million Kwacha) meant for our President’s foreign Advisory Services: Tony Blair under his foundation and Greg Mills under his Brenthurst.

This Tony Blair is a lead global champion of homosexuality, widely known, celebrated, awarded and respected in UK, Europe, North America, Australia and everywhere. This is the key person providing advisory services to our HH: a key UK politician and gay icon now ‘running’ Zambia.

For example, on 25th September, 2014, The Gay Times in marking the magazine’s 30th anniversary named Tony Blair as one of the gay icons of the past 30 years, sitting alongside Boy George, Barbra Streisand and Sir Ian McKellen. In the same year October, Blair was awarded by another gay organization as its political ambassador.

Reported in the Telegram, Guardians, Reuters, BBC, CNN, Independent News, France 24, New York Times, etc, you can verify that all acknowledged that UK and Europe has never produced a President or Prime Minister who can compete with Tony Blair’s pro gay and lesbian policies in the past 30 years. Over decades, Tony Blair has won multiple awards from gay organizations and is saluted everywhere for this.

His Tony Blair Foundation is among the most well known political foundations and consultancy firms that help countries worldwide on how to introduce and implement liberal policies and practices aimed at reforming and protecting minority populations- gays and lesbians among other areas.

So, this is the Tony Blair our HH has hired as one of his top Presidential advisors through his foundation. The Tony Blair Foundation is now part of Zambia’s State House presidential advisory firms. This Tony Blair, a former UK Prime Minister and a globally renowned gay icon is part of Zambia’s government today in 2024. HH duped Zambians on this: he betrayed his voters countrywide.

Surely, the BSA Company founder, John Cecil Rhodes who owned both modern Zimbabwe and Zambia as his imperial territory is very happy in his grave with HH that ‘his boys’, his descendants are back at the top of governance in his former African mining zone and ranching empire. Sir Evelyn Hone is so happy too with HH for bringing back the wheels of colonialism.

By hiring direct descendants of our colonists and imperialists like this top British politician and respected world gay ambassador to help him govern us, HH is now a darling of whites-Europeans and Americans. To passionate Pan Africanists like Samora Machel, Patrice LuMumba, Thomas Sankara or Steve Biko in their graves,HH is betrayer.

4. Third issue: Imperialist Brenthurst Foundation and it’s top executives also govern Zambia today

This foundation is a beneficiary to a brutal huge amount of plus U$ 21 million for presidential advisory services under HH’s state house budget for 2924. And we now know why this foreign foundation and not Zambian firm or local consultants.

Brenthurst Foundation is a sure modern face of ‘Cecil Rhodes’s BSA Company’ and a known neo-liberal as well as imperial organization. The fact that it is now part of State House advisory units, HH has not just betrayed Zambia’s independence and sovereignty, Bally has technically sold this country to Neo Colonialism.

Greg Mills, Executive Director of South Africa’s Brenthurst Foundation is regarded as one influential figure around our Hakainde Hichilema. This foreign advisor to HH is believed to be behind the opening of an Africom bureau ( American military post) in Lusaka and a multi-million dollar investment programme in Zambia by First Quantum Minerals. He is a key foreign advisors to HH and believed to be so powerful indeed than Gary Nkombo or VP Mutale Nalumango.

To confirm his power and influence around state house, on 27th January, 2022, our entire President HH was in Johannesburg particular to launch Greg Mills’ book “Expensive Poverty”, an act which invoked sharp critics from many Zambians. Greg Mills’s book launch trip was a waste on tax payers money but a confirmation that Mills is HH’s trusted advisor.

In fact, the start of 2024 saw President Hakainde Hichilema’s appointed New Board of Directors for Mpulungu Harbour unveiled to Zambians with another face of Brenthurst face. The top four are; Fellystons Nchimunya as Chairperson, Precious Musonda, Joseph Mbinji and Mark Pearson.

This Mark Pearson, a trade, transport, infrastructure and regional integration expert at the Brenthurst Foundation now sits on Zambian parastatal boards at the expense of citizens who falsely think they are independent and HH value them.

This confirms that these foreign imperialists are not just HH’s advisors as we know it: they are also physically sitting in key public positions in Zambian institutions. This HH has reintroduced colonialism in his Bally fashion. This is the extent of betrayal, the extent of insulting our independence, the extent of undermining our freedom and the extent of destroying our state sovereignty. HH must be stopped and condemned on this trajectory.

5. Fourth Issue: The betrayal is real to our history, sovereignty, independence and freedom fighters

In 1897, the BSA Company agents met Crown Prince Nsingo Jere and his warriors in the Kapatamoyo hills of modern Chipata. Through an interpreter, they told him that they were sent by John Cecil Rhodes of BSA Company on behalf of the King of England to survey their territory for immediate imperial take over.

The BSA company agents asked Nsingo to convince his father, King Tuto Mpezere Jere 1 to surrender in peace before the British monarch’s world conquering and consolidated army with heavy gun pounders vomited fire, bloody and mass destruction on them.

After thinking through, Crown Prince Nsingo Jere told them through an interpreter that “this land only belongs to King Mpezeni and the Ngoni people and shall remain as such for eternity. “We are not afraid of war, bloodshed or death as long as we remain free people, go and tell your Cecil Rhodes and that King in England “, Nsingo replied.

After a long bloody war, capture and murder of Nsingo Jere and defeat of his Ngoni warriors in 1898, the BSA company took control of the entire modern Zambia until 1924 when its founder, Cecil Rhodes sold this territory to his own British government when he thought it had become too unprofitable and unsustainable. Zambia just like Zimbabwe was Rhodes’s garden or farm from 1898 to 1924.

From 1924 to 1964, this former minerals bedroom and game ranch of Cecil Rhodes was under British control with all colors of racism, oppression, segregation, brutality, slavery, exploitation, imperialism and colonialism. Britain was our brutal and oppressive colonial master for 40 years and our founding fathers opposed this style of government.

Hence, our freedom fighters opposed, fought and died in huge numbers for direct self rule. Kenneth Kaunda, Rueben Kamanga, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Maiza Chona, Harry Mwanga Nkumbula, Lawrence KatiLungu, Betty Kaunda, Grey Zulu, Arther Wina, Innonge Wina, Rupiah Banda and many others are among our known freedom heroes. Being ruled by Europeans was not only deemed an insult, but a betrayal to our culture, sovereignty and pride.

Therefore, Zambia’s political independence, sovereignty, self determination and long standing national pride did not come cheap: thousands of people died. To be politically independent, blood was shed in thousands and hundreds were left handicapped everywhere.

But this HH has totally betrayed everyone and everything about it. As earlier observed, Zambia has a huge state house budget in 2024 for foreign presidential advisors: the worst is that they are known imperialists, globally recognized gay ambassadors and Neo colonists.

6. Conclusion

One distinguished Pan Africanist, freedom fight and Mozambican First indigenous President, Samora Machel told his supporters that, “if one day you hear whites speak well of me, just know that I have betrayed you”. This statement was more true and factually noble to Jesus Christ and the Pharisees too.

Surely, Nsingo Jere, Kenneth Kaunda, Rueben Kamanga, Simon Kapwepwe, Maiza Chona, Harry Mwanga Nkumbula, Lawrence KatiLungu, Betty Kaunda, Grey Zulu, Rupiah Banda, Micheal Sata, etc all feel so betrayed in their graves to see these Neo colonial forces and imperialists running Zambia at State House under President HH’s office today.

When everything is said and done, we can confidently conclude that what is happening at state house is total betrayal: the notorious problem is that fact that HH’s U$ 1 Million Presidential Advisory Foreign Experts smile Gayism, Imperialism, lesbianism and Neo Colonialism for Zamb.ia. This is what anoints and confirms the betrayal to voters.

Dr Chris ZUMANI Zimba is a Political Scientist, Researcher, Author & Consultant specialized in Comparative Global Governance and Democratic Theories. He holds a PhD, MA, BA and Cert in Political Science. Zimba was President Lungu’s Political Advisor from December 2019 to August 2021.


  1. It’s unfortunate that Zumani has projected hatred for the white men rather than their capacity to offer sound advice to the Presidency. In his article he deliberately brings in peripheral issues of neo colonialism and gay rights to demean malign and slander. It would have been more helpful if Zumani had dealt more on the lack of capacity of Blair and BRENTSHURST foundation to offer consultancy services . Better still he should have aptly highlighted why this consultancy is in necessary. Instead the writer has dealt more in name calling than substance.

      • So the US$ 5,000,000 Spent by PF to advise on debt restructing was nothing compared to this? MJ stop being petty, what would be the objective question is what was this money spent on? What was involved in the advisory service. Yapping for the sake of yapping just shows malious intent. If youre going to be critical ask objective question about the utilisation of the money, dont bring personal and malious prejuduces here. When you are sued what will you do? Te ma checks and balances its just political nonsense that dont add to you or me. And being personal isnt a sign of being smart either.

  2. All I see in your long article is trying to be relevant to the public through bitterness and falsehood. We can’t trust you find something better to do.

  3. While the president has removed the law that deals with insulting the president, when you include pictures like this, you’re inviting defamation charges from Tony Blair that can if the British Embassy desired be brought against you. In your article you have meandered everywhere without putting an evidence forward so you can look clever. You’re living dangerously! Don’t cry persecution if you find yourself sued for defamation. In the Western world they practice factual politics because of defamation and the risk of becoming relevant. This is an exception to Trump. And the reason is Trump is not a normal person.


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