Jack Mwiimbu challenges UKA to produce certificate of registration

Monze PUND Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu address journalists during a press briefing at his office in Lusaka on January 22, 2020 - Picture by Tenson Mkhala

Mwiimbu challenges UKA to produce certificate of registration

HOME affairs and Internal Security Minister, Jack Mwiimbu has challenged Facebook-based pressure group calling itself the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) prove its a legal entity by producing a certificate of registration.

After losing grip of the Patriotic Front to Miles Sampa, former president Edgar Lungu rounded up lonely opposition leaders and their one-man parties and created UKA with hopes of using it to contest the 2026 elections which will usher him back into power.

UKA has since hit the ground sprinting and intends to hold a public campaign rally in Kafue at the weekend but police have not granted them a permit.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, minsiter Mwiimbu said UKA’s intentions to hold a political rally cannot work because it is not recognised as a legal entity.

“They are even saying that they will participate in the election, well let them do so, it’s their constitutional right. Nobody stops anyone from participating in elections.

The minister further challenged UKA members to present a certificate of registration noting that as far as he was concerned, there was no such organization existing in the country.

“know that I will be insulted after this, but it’s my duty to inform the nation of the status and I challenge all those who are claiming to belong to UKA to produce a registration certificate that they have been registered,” Mwiimbu said.

Mwiimbu also revealed that the only thing that UKA did was making the name registration in February this year by its chairman l, Sakwiba Sikota through the register of societies which they said was for a pressure group.

However, the minister argued that the law requires that if one wants to register a pressure group, they should write to him as minister of Home Affairs and not to the register of societies, stating that he has not received any request till today of such kind up to now.

Further, Mwiimbu said police can not permit the alliance to go ahead with the rally because it was not registered.

Mwiimbu said that just this week, the Citizen’s First Party wanted to hold a public rally in Nchelenge and they notified the police who gave them a goal ahead.

“That is because the Citizens First is a legal entity established under the laws of the country otherwise, it would be irresponsible for the police to permit an illegal entity to do anything they want”.

Mwiimbu went on to say that as long as he exists, he does not know who UKA is legally.

“I don’t know who UKA is legally, I don’t know whether our people in this country want us to be dealing with illegal entities and I have no doubt in my mind that they want the law of this country to be followed. It is a duty and law enforces to ensure that that is done,” Mwiimbu said.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



  1. You people, be men and compete with opponents with honour.UKA will not eat you! This is just politics not poker. You will not lose your cattle!!!

    • Ba Michelo, UKWA is not exempt from the requirements of the law. They should not be allowed to operate just because they are a collection of opposition political parties.

      Law is meant to maintain order and normalcy and justice in the country. There is nothing special about UKWA to allow them operate without meeting the requirements of the law.

  2. There is nothing special about UKWA to be exempt from following the law. If they fail to register, they remain a nameless mob whose only agenda is anarchy.

    • To be honest, the HaUPND HaAlliance government will not cut the mustard. They’re only 2.5 years left before the next elections!!

  3. So it’s only finished Upnd that is existing as an organization in this country, from old Mwiimbu’s assertions! All these abrogations of the constitution and childish behavior by Upnd leaders will make it very easy to de-register Upnd as soon as they are out of power! PF is still existing on the ground as a party with a lot of membership, because the scheme by Hichilema and Hamiles Hasampa didn’t work, it only worked very well in killing Upnd and Hasampa’s political career! Hasampa is finished, let him just find a village to go and settle in , in Gwembe! So Mwiimbu is just waisting his time, at his age playing monkey tricks because the people of Zambia are clever, they are not as stupid as he perceives them to be! And the ones who will pay heavily are Upnd and ECZ who are busy rigging ward elections, thereby killing Hichilema’s leadership even more! Cheating does not help, because cheaters don’t live long! Ubufi bulaya noku bwela!


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