ELECTORATES in Monze parliamentary constituency have vowed not to vote for embattled incumbent MP Jack Mwiimbu should the UPND disregard their concerns and go ahead to readopt him for the August 12 general elections.

Speaking in interview, on behalf of other residents yesterday, Mr Clifford Chikwala said the people of Monze this time around are only interested in someone who is going to adequately represent their interests and aspirations in the National Assembly.

He said the eloquent political debate in Parliament by Mr Mwiimbu has not helped the people of Monze who have continued lacking development despite being one of the food baskets of the country.

“Instead of speaking on our behalf and lobbying development for the constituency, Mr Mwiimbu’s preoccupation in Parliament has been that of defending the interest of the UPND,” he said.

About nine candidates, including late UPND founder, Anderson Mazoka’s daughter, Mutinta are vying to contest the parliamentary seat on the UPND ticket.

Mr Mwiimbu has been Member of Parliament for two decades now, before falling out of favour with the electorates who want another person with their interests at heart to take over from him.

Last week, the people of Monze including members of his own party staged a protest demanding that Mr Mwiimbu, one of the longest serving MPs should step down and pave way for another person. The protecting residents said Mr Mwiimbu has let down the constituency by filing to develop or advocate for development and therefore should be replaced without fail. They said they are tired of fake promises from Mr Mwiimbu who they said has spent his 20 years in Parliament enriching himself and defending the interest of his party at the expense of lobbying for development for the district. But when contacted on the concerns by his electorates, Mr Mwiimbu refused to comment on the matter.-Daily Nation


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