Jack Mwiimbu says UKA Alliance is operating illegally


Jack Mwiimbu’s statement on UKA

The United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) is not registered at the Registrar of Societies
Lusaka, 9th April, 2024

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security would like to make it abundantly clear that the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) is neither registered as a political party nor as a Pressure Group by the Registrar of Societies.

You may wish to know that the Ministry ha received several media queries on whether UKA is legally registered by the Registrar of Societies.

The recent media queries have been necessitated by media reports
attributed to UKA that they intend to hold a political rally on 13 of April, 2024 in Kafue and that they have resolved to participate in all By-Elections.

You may wish to recall that on 13th February, 2024 Mr. to Sakwiba Sikota SC, visited the Registrar of Societies office to conduct a name search and reservation for a
socicty called United K wacha Alliance (UKA) which he intended to register as a pressure group
After he said application, the name UKA was
accordingly reserved from 13th February, 2024 to 13th March 2024 and Mr. Sikota was informed that he was free to apply for registration of the pressure group.

However, he returned on 14th February, 2024 with a verbal request to change the reservation category from a pressure group to a political party of which he was advised to apply formally.

Following the expiration of the reservation on 13thMarch, 2024, Mr. Sikota came through to request for an extension of the reservation period.

By then, the Department had migrated the application processes to the e-government platform and the applicant wvas advised accordingly to make an online application and
to date no such application has been received.

You may also wish to know that, a
male person identified as Mr. Gibson Bwalya attempted to apply for registration of a society called Unified Kwacha Alliance using another person’s National Registration
Card (NRC).

On a second attempt, Mr. Bwalya omitted
to attach an NRC

These events clearly indicate that the said United Kwacha Alliance does not exist legally and is, in as far as the Ministry is concerned, an illegal society.

Take Note that the Ministry of Home affairs and Internal Security remains committed to ensuring that the Rights and Freedoms of all individuals as provided under the Constitution are respected and protected; including the Freedom of Association

Therefore the claims by any individual or Association that the democratic space in Zambia is shrinking continue to remain unfounded and mere stunts to win public sympathy.


  1. Is the UPND alliance registered under the Societies act? And yet we have members of the alliance who are part of government..Chipoka Mulenga, Charles Milupi, Mutati and many Permanent secretaries and District Commissioners. The UPND Alliance existed and operated as an Alliance before elections and has to this day continued to Operate and hold rallies as an Alliance.
    So what you are saying ba Mwiimbu is nosense…
    What type of Democracy is this? STOP insulting the Intelligence of Zambians.

  2. Hope the ministry of home affairs and internal security is seeing how this unregistered uka alliance is behaving, clear indication that it should not be registered due to its malicious and criminal behaviour, instead let the ministry give doom to the group so that they all vanish like vapour

  3. Political parties do not need registration for them to work as a grouping with one agenda. Just like UPND did prior to previous general elections. Someone to remind this strayed kraal member that he’s part of a team that is running a country and not a cow ranch.

  4. When novices are in charge, they are afraid of church gatherings, afraid of people gathering to greet somebody they know in kabwe, now they are quivering and shivering over spent political nonentities like saki, Edith, Kalaba.


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