Jacob Zuma wants to be president again so that he can fix things


Former president Jacob Zuma has given the clearest indication yet that he will likely be the MK Party’s presidential candidate.

Zuma, who was president for almost two terms, told the Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe) on Saturday that he wanted to “come back to fix things”.

“All of you know I was removed before my presidency term ended — before I was done being a president, I was removed because I was trying to solve problems experienced by the poor.

“The manner in which they [the current ANC government] have behaved has motivated me to want to come back, because I want to fix things,” he said.

Zuma highlighted load-shedding as one of the issues the government has failed to fix — pledging that a government led by him via the MK Party would make it its key focus.

However, load-shedding predates the current administration.

While relaying his impatience with the ANC regarding load-shedding, Zuma, who lives in a palatial homestead fitted with generators, likened himself to poor South Africans who cannot afford alternative energy sources.

“In recent time the majority of us with no external sources for electricity have been affected, it has been incredibly hard,” he claimed.

He asked the congregants gathered at the Khenana holy site for their prayers. “We are asking for prayers from the believers, us who are in politics, that all goes well this year.

“I am here to ask for your prayers that we govern the country well, that there are no complaints against those in government,” said Zuma.

The revelation comes as the party, through a public statement, announced a gag order against its president, Jabulani Khumalo.

The MK Party suggested that Khumalo had not earned the right to speak because “he himself has not been appointed as president by any congress whatsoever”, adding that he had had no part in growing the membership of the party.- TimesLIVE


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