Japanese tourist dies after jumping from one of the highest bungee in the world


A tourist from Japan died a few hours after he passed out from jumping off a very high bungee jump platform in China.

The 56-year-old man had trouble breathing after jumping off the 764-foot platform at Macau Tower yesterday.

He was brought to Conde S. Januário Hospital in Macau, which is a part of China, but later he was declared dead.

Skypark by AJ Hackett charges £280 for one person to do the bungee jump off the building.

The company also does bungee jumping in France, Singapore, and Australia.

In a message, it said it was working with the government to look into the incident.

The company AJ Hackett Macau Tower Limited is sad because a tourist died after a medical problem at Macau Tower yesterday. This happened after they finished their bungy jump.

We are very sorry for the family of the person who passed away.

Keeping everyone safe is the most important thing for us. We make sure every customer follows strict safety rules.

Yesterday, the tourist did everything they were supposed to do to stay safe before they did the Bungy Jump.

‘Our staff helped him when they heard he wasn’t feeling well after landing. They gave him first aid and called for help. ‘

The Skypark website says it has done four million jumps in over 30 years and is proud of never having any accidents.

On the safety page, the company says it tries to stop accidents and illnesses by managing risks and reporting hazards.

The platform at Macau Tower is the second highest in the world, only beaten by the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Bungee, which is also in China.


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