Javier Milei becomes president of Argentina


Javier Milei is the provisional winner of the presidential elections in Argentina. He ran a loud and anti-establishment campaign, similar to that of former US President Donald Trump. This happened while Argentina had one of the highest inflation rates in the world.

His opponent Sergio Massa admitted defeat in a short speech on Sunday night, even before the official results were given. Massa said that Milei is going to be the president for the next 4 years. He also said that he called Milei to congratulate him.

Early results indicate that Milei has over 55% of votes (13,781,154) with almost 94% of votes counted. The National Electoral Chamber has not announced an official winner yet.

Milei won the election even though he was new to politics and promised change. This was a big change from the current situation.

His promise to use the US dollar in Argentina could make the country do something new. No other big country like Argentina has given control of its money to people in Washington before.

Not long after the results were told, Milei was met with loud cheers and clapping from his followers. He went on stage and gave an enthusiastic speech, promising to lead the country in a new direction politically.

“Today we start a new chapter in our history, and we go back to the right path that we should have never left,” said Milei. “Today we choose the path that helped this country become great again. ”

Milei is a person who is against abortion and doesn’t believe in climate change. He wants to cut government spending by getting rid of Argentina’s ministries of culture, education, and diversity, and cutting public subsidies.

“Let’s make Argentina better again. ” Trump wrote on his social media platform, Truth Social, on Sunday, in response to Milei’s victory. “I am really happy with you,” he wrote.

Milei got a lot of attention because of his unique political style and his bold ideas that challenged the way things are usually done. He did some wild things like using chainsaws and getting really angry, which made people notice him.

In simple terms, Milei’s supporters are angry at politicians and want them all to leave, regardless of their political beliefs. They are using the slogan “May they all leave. ” to express their anger. Argentina’s current government is led by the left, after being ruled by the right from 2015 to 2019.

Apart from his plan to use the dollar, Milei wants to make gun control rules less strict and give control of the prisons to the military instead of civilians. He wants to be very tough on crime. He suggests using government money to help families who want to send their kids to private schools. And he also wants to make the health sector private, even though it has always been run by the government in Argentina.

Milei got in trouble for saying some things, but his biggest fans still support him. He caused a lot of anger when it seemed like Milei wanted to allow people to sell their organs, but he later took back what he said. In 2017, he had to say sorry for calling Pope Francis, who is from Argentina and is known for his liberal ideas in South America, “an envoy of Satan. ”

Milei’s surprising rise in politics will be watched closely internationally as a possible indication of a comeback of far-right populism in the area. Ex-President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, supported Milei’s candidacy. On the other hand, leaders from the left side in South America including current Brazilian leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Colombia’s Gustavo Petro, broke the tradition of not getting involved and supported Massa in the election.

Massa, who has been a politician for a long time, came to symbolize Argentina’s political system during the race against Milei. Inflation was very high during his time as economy minister, at 142% each year. But Massa said the government’s actions were helping to reduce the problem. However, voters were not convinced and were tired of struggling to afford the cost of living.


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