We strongly condemn the enforced abduction and disappearance of Petauke independent lawmaker Hon. Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda in Lusaka in the early hours of yesterday.

Regrettably, Hon. Banda’s scandalous and enforced abduction and disappearance forms part of a pattern or series of events that have occurred in a similar way under the leadership of Mr Hakainde Hichilema regime.

We say this because we have been victims of the UPND’s long history of these ugly and barbaric politics. We have seen how violence and all other forms of political repression and criminality are being committed by the UPND cadres led by identifiable individuals, some of the serving Cabinet Ministers and senior party officials with full protection of the police.

Well-known and armed UPND cadres have been abducting or kidnapping, knifing, assaulting, beating and publicly threatening to “slaughter” opposition political leaders and other critical voices in the name of protecting Mr Hichilema with the police paying a blind eye. Identifiable UPND cadres have held press briefings, appeared on radio and television aggressively threatening to physically harm and “kill” opposition leaders of this country.

Our experience has been that our numerous complaints and reports to the police on these incidences have been ignored. It’s now a trend that whenever a report is made to the police, its us, the victims of Mr Hichilema’s cadres’ violence who get locked up and are prosecuted. This is the impunity that the perpetrators of such crimes are enjoying for their crimes with the help and support of the police.

The abduction and disappearance of Hon. Banda is tragic, alarming and signifies an evil turn in the country’s politics. It indicates an extremely dangerous and nerve-wracking trajectory.

This country has always guaranteed freedom of expression, association and movement to political, traditional and religious stakeholders without fear of abduction or harm. Why is this happening under Mr Hichilema’s leadership or watch? Why is Mr Hichilema and his corrupt, tribal and violent regime failing protect, respect and guarantee the right of everybody to physical security and safety? Why is Mr Hichilema quiet amidst all this chaos and violence?

Mr Hichilema must be very careful with the dangerous path he has chosen to set this country on – especially the senseless violence and impunity of his party cadres and some Cabinet Ministers. If he has not realized it, we are here to warn him that he is rapidly losing control of the situation. The heavy-handedness of the police and other law enforcement agencies, and the desperation and insanity of his party cadres are increasing exponentially, and before he knows it, the most cruel crimes in history will be committed under his name and the state of affairs will spiral out of control.

Let Mr Hichilema know that history has shown that leaders who lack empathy, tolerance and a sense of justice for others, especially critics in tough situations, invite the wrath of frustration, anger and resentment from citizens. He must also know that failed states are never an accidental occurrence, they’re a product of systematic and similar chaos, confusion, desperation, leadership indiscipline and brutish handling of affairs of the state.

We demand that Mr Hichilema and his league treat the abduction and disappearance of Hon Banda and other reported cases as serious crimes, and ensure that that justice prevails. Bring back Hon Banda back to his family!

Otherwise, this country is collapsing before our eyes and it will not be good for anyone of us to live in if its not good for us all to live in.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. How do such chaps like Fred find themselves into politics? These characters are very embarrassing to have them around and offer very dangerous politics with completely no value at all. Why is Zambia so cursed? Cry our beloved country.

  2. People like Fred Mmembe that are convicts so many crimes against Zambians should ideally be behind the bars serving lengthy jail sentences.
    The real problem is the Govt itself that is treating anarchists with handgloves.
    These idyots need to be taken seriously and stiff treatment otherwise they are already making our country difficult to Govern.
    HH please show us your steel, this is not a joking matter. You cannot achieve anything with these idyots agitating for a public revolt.

  3. There is no law and order that has collapsed, you are just hallucinating. Just wait for your espionage case, we don’t want confusion in our country.

  4. These issue of abductions and house burning remind me of Columbia in the Pablo Escobar days. The problem we have in Zambia is that the president doesn’t speak when it’s important for him to speak and address an issue of national concern. For example, has he been on any official media to say anything about the recent happenings? Even if the investigations are not concluded, it wouldn’t reduce him and it would hurt nothing for him to come out and simply say he’s sorry about these unfortunate happenings and he will do everything in his power to bring the perpetrators to book. Otherwise keeping quiet makes him look like he’s on the side of the perpetrators. Next, we’ll just see fools insulting opposition leaders on social media, like the other one addressing ECL as “Jonasan Mtahware a brandant riar” (meaning Jonathan Mthaware a blatant liar).

  5. When the house of a politician catches fire, they conclude that it’s political enemies even before proper investigations are conducted.
    When the house of a common citizen catches fire, it is either carelessness or poor wiring or ZESCO loadshedding even before a proper investigations are carried out.
    When a politician goes missing, it’s political enemies at play even before investigations are done. When Chilufya Tayali goes missing, it’s political enemies at play even before investigations are done.
    The way Ukalists have behaved following the alleged abduction of JJ is worrying and something is pointing to a sinister campaign behind the scenes to discredit the government of the day, make Zambia ungovernable so that UKA’s selfish motives for early elections are fulfilled but this nonsense should be nipped in the bud!
    If we have to cut off the head of the Snake, let’s do so now!
    None of the current opposition leaders is ready to lead Zambia!
    We are better off with what we have now till 2031!
    The only ones who are suffering are the lazy PF cadres who got used to free things.
    They were thugs on Steroids and are ready to kill to get back what they lost.
    This is the reason we always tell UPND to be serious about governing properly!
    Too much freedom is not good as we have seen. Thugs will abuse it!
    You need to be firm and deal ruthlessly with Snakes!
    Don’t think Snakes can transform miraculously into Doves!
    Watch those whose names have been associated with financing of Rebel activities in Rwanda! You are better off handing them over!
    Even those that have Espionage cases over their heads, lock them up!


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