Jealous lover goes in for killing Suspected rival


Jealous lover goes in for killing Suspected rival

A MAN of Luanshya who caused the death of another man he suspected of having an intimate affair with his girlfriend has been sentenced to six years imprisonment with hard labour.

Felix Chisenga, of Luanshya, was facing one count of murder, which was later reduced to manslaughter.

On May 25 last year, Chisenga caused the death of Nduta Mwape after suspecting that the latter was having an
affair with his girlfriend.

According to court records, Chisenga caused the death of Mwape after he met him at his girlfriend’s house around 22:00 hours.

It was heard that on the fateful evening, Chisenga was at his girlfriend’s house when he saw Mwape approaching the house.

The court heard that Chisenga slapped Mwape on the face and he fell to the ground.

It was heard that when Mwape attempted to rise, Chisenga hit him and he fell to the ground for the second time
and sustained some injuries on the face and head.

In delivering judgment, Ndola High Court Judge Mary Mulanda said Chisenga, in his defence elected to remain silent and did not call any witness to defend him.

Judge Mulanda said Chisenga’s lawyers, in their submission, told court that the evidence before court did not connect their client to committing the offence.

She said the lawyers stated that there were conflicting statements among
witnesses who gave testimony before court on how Mwape fell.

The lawyers, therefore, urged the court to acquit their client contending that the fight was not intentional.

Judge Mulanda said it was not in dispute that Chisenga hit Mwape, who was found dead at the girlfriend’s house, where they were the previous night and this evidence was not challenged.

The judge was of the view that the woman had an intimate relationship with both Mwape and Chisenga.

“I am, therefore, satisfied that the prosecution team has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt and I am going to convict you accordingly,” she said.

In mitigation, the convict, who spoke through his lawyers, asked for forgiveness from the court and stated that he was deeply remorseful for causing Mwape’s death.

Judge Mulanda slapped Chisenga with a six-year jail term.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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