Joe Biden emerge victorious in South Carolina democratic primary


US President Joe Biden has achieved a resounding victory in the Democratic primary in South Carolina. Following Saturday’s vote and with nearly all ballots counted, Biden secured all 55 pledged delegates, as projected by the BBC’s US partner CBS. This primary marks the first official contest within the Democratic Party leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

Facing limited competition within his party, President Biden aimed to position Republican Donald Trump as a “loser.” He fondly recalled how South Carolina voters played a crucial role in revitalizing his 2020 campaign and expressed confidence that they would pave the way for his victory in the 2024 presidential race.

Democrats Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips lagged significantly behind Biden, with preliminary figures indicating they each secured only 2% of the votes. South Carolina’s diverse population, particularly its substantial Black community, played a pivotal role in Biden’s successful bid for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

In a January address to a predominantly Black audience in the state, Biden acknowledged their significance, stating, “You’re the reason I’m president. You’re the reason Donald Trump is a loser, and you’re the reason we’re gonna win and beat him again.”

Formally announcing his 2024 re-election bid in April 2023, Biden emphasized the country’s pivotal moment and his need for more time to “finish this job.” The President actively advocated for changes to his party’s rules, ensuring that South Carolina became the first state in the nomination process, with a campaign adviser highlighting the goal of reflecting the diversity of the Democratic Party.


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