John General takes escape tricks to court

Bishop John General
Bishop John General

John General takes escape tricks to court

RAPE-accused Papa and owner of Miracle Impact Ministries International Church in Matero Township, John Nundwe was at the Lusaka Magistrates Court yesterday but was too ashamed to face the public.

Late last month, the pentecostal preacherman earned himself a charge of rape after he was caught red-handed using an ungodly weapon of flesh to kill satanic demons of miscarriage in the womb of one of his married congregants right on her matrimonial bed and in broad daylight.

To save his semi-bald head from being separated from the rest of his adulterous body by the husband of his alledged victim, the 56-year old pastor staged an impressive blitz escape that left little wonder as to why his staunch followers fondly call him Bishop John General.

The details of the escape whose execution is said to have impressed even some men and women in the Zambia Army headquarters, Arakan Baracks, are that; upon being caught red-handed in the act, John General sprinted out of the house as if he was lightning in human form.

Leaving behind his boxers, trousers, shirt and trademark Papa slippers, Bishop John General is said to have summersaulted over the wallfence and once on the other side, jogged the streets of 10 Miles with the hot November sun rays directly scorching and braiing his exposed body sausage.

The Zambia Police Service took hold of the pastor’s abandoned garments along with his car and phones which he also left behind as he fled saying the items will be used as evidence to strengthen the case against him once trial begins.

At court yesterday, the preacher hid himself in a tinted vehicle while his lawyers, Yokonia Daka and Stanley Sichivula interacted with prosecutors to inquire about the possible dates of his appearance.

Prosecutor, Chaanga Jere informed the pastor’s legal team that the State was tying up the case and will soon be ready to prosecute the cleric.

Jere extended Nundwe’s police bond to January 8, 2024.

While Bishop John General himself has not publicly commented on the matter, his flock including his wife have accused the devil and jealous enemies of being behind the rape charge in order to slow down his flourishing Christian works.…/john-general-takes-escape…/

By Mwaka Ndawa




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