By Mwenya Mofya

CHIEF Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa’s statement about being available for the presidency should not even attract a lot of debate because it’s nothing strange.

And Mweetwa says individuals entering the political scene should not be viewed as threats because politics is about competition.

Last week, Sangwa said….

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  1. Yes, his ambitions are within his rights. But is he the kind of person that is ideal as Zambians next president?
    In the last ten or so years Mr. Sangwa has shown that he is not as competent as we thought in his craft of the law. A Constitutional lswyer at State Counsel seems shown that he is not worthy of the title of State Counsel given the compent he showed the Judicary and they had to put in him in his place.
    We recently heard him adjuce to his understanding for the law in the recent Mopani case where again we saw him flauter at his understanding of the law and have not seen him to want to uphold and test his understanding of the said law. In short, ” all talk but no action”. One would ask what in the interest would such a man do for Zambians as we have read from his track record is the sound of money in his pocket or that he would earn as a result of his pursuit of a particular course of action. In short self serving.

    Zambia needs people in leadership that are bigger than themselves. The PF and MMD has shown us that. Individuals who jumped into “Chipani” for themselves and enrich themselves. Loot the treasury “kaili ni va boma”
    Like Boma is not the people they sought to serve.
    On a personal note, as folks like Sangwa seek public office, lets dig into their personal lives…no holds barred. Who is Sangwa Married to? What happened to his first wife or that marriage? I mean if you are seeking the highest office in the land we need a man who is of solid and stable stature. We read and and saw what some of the last Presidents did while in office. Married a married woman. Went to Swaziland and married another wife, yet having a family in Zambia. While allegations are yet to be proved Millions of dollars were found at the home of an unmarried woman of no real means and state law institutions did not and could not act at the time those funds were in the hands of this individual? We need folks with morals in that regard lest we find ourselves dealing with trival issues as opposed to lifting the standard of people in remote far flang areas of the country; not impressing amai nini
    So Mr. Sanga laid the cards on the table and let no stone remain unturned. Siwiba hardly has a clean slate and those in MMD can tell you. Those who are his clients can attest.

  2. The man failed to defend Pres Chiluba. He has no land mark case that he won. He is a yo-yo today he’s here praising HH next day he is cursing him. By the way which party is going to adopt him. Let him go and teach he would be more useful. We are fed up of poor people wanting to run the country.

  3. I doubt if his ability to teach has any crediance. If his own peers and the courts can question that, isnt he a danger to society and the youths that would sit and gobble is words as knowledge when that is questionable?


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