Jonas Zimba Dares IG Graphael Musamb To Arrest ECL



JONAS Zimba has dared Inpector General of Police Graphael Musamba to proceed and effect an arrest on Mr Edgar Lungu, Zambia’s Sixth President if he believes he has committed treason for advising President Hakainde Hichilema to stop the highhandedness and brutal actions against citizens being perpetrated by the Zambia Police.

Mr Zimba, one of former President Lungu’s lawyers says Mr Musamba has turned the Zambia Police into a cadre-branch of the UPND and that he was the branch chairman.


  1. Jonas Zimba is just broke, looking for money and something to do. If his paymaster Edgar Lungu commits offences, does he think he should go scot free, no charges? Zimba has no brains, he is just like any other rat. Foolish people expose their total ignorance like Jonas Zimba and the police should start arresting and charging these idyots.

  2. If indeed ECL is suspected to have committed a crime he will be arrested and there is nothing Mr. Jonas Zimba will do to prevent the arrest.

    Mr. Zimba knows very well that the Police has a mandate to follow up any suspected criminal activities, irrespective of who is involved.

  3. Instead of giving correct advice to Edgar lungu ,the man is busy misleading him,treason case is not something can want to happen to your friend , you will be sitted home with your family while your friend Edgar lungu will be suffering in prison which is not good therefore you are required to give good advice to your friend and stop disturbing the sleeping issue here, during your time you were going to arrest HH banabamaimbwe party it was the bunch of Lucifer’s criminals and devil’s no wonder it will never come back into Life.Very is nothing you can do if police want today they can arrest him within some minutes nothing you can do.

  4. This is now indiscipline!
    Waibala bwanji kuti Boma ni Boma?
    Bazakunyoweka mambala!
    This is where Democracy fails Africans! They think Democracy is a Passport to misbehave and get away with it! And when they infringe on the Law and are arrested, they will scream Dictatorship!
    Jonas Zimba daring the Police IG is like a Puppy daring a Lion!
    Be very careful!


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