Wilfred Kopa Muma

Amos Chanda Wrote;
Very sad development regarding Justice Muma. And very interesting case for classroom discourse for media trainers and trainees:

1. Judge Muma leaves his house around 23hrs and communicates in a “suicide-like” manner to relatives;

2. 01:20 am formal report of missing person lodged with police;

3. After three hours search police recover Judge Muma’s car and “initial reports indicate he committed suicide”. (01:20 plus 3 hrs search takes us to 4/5 am);

4. Police return to site around 6am, obviously due advantage of daylight now to continue the search;

5. 08;00am police receive report of Judge Muma being rescued by a fisherman who heard a desperate man calling for help as he held on to grass or more likely reeds, (amatete);

6. Depending on the time between 23 pm nd 08 am that he may have been in the water, this enough time for someone to die of hypothermia (loss of body heat);

7. In this entire period the monitor lizards (opani); Crocodiles, aquariam snakes that hunt in the shallow waters and hippos, all spared him, lucky man…
( I was just missing my time in the newsroom)


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