Judge Timothy Katanekwa was fired by the Late President Sata , he was later appointed by Edgar Lungu


11 September, 2013

Zambian President Michael Sata yesterday suspended two High Court judges without giving any reasons and appointed two tribunals to probe their conduct.The Zambian leader suspended Judge Emelia Sunkutu and Timothy Katanekwa and appointed two retired justices to chair the tribunals.

The president, during a swearing-in ceremony for officials to sit on the two tribunals at State House, only said there is need for Zambians to know the truth about the two judges and expressed confidence that the two retired justices will execute their mandate with no challenge.

He did not disclose when the two tribunals will start sitting. The suspension of the two judges and the establishment of the tribunals to probe them comes on the back heel of another tribunal set in May 2012 to probe two other high court judges and one Supreme Court judge over their conduct.

Sata suspended Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda and High Court judges Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga over their alleged professional misconduct and appointed Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa to chair the tribunal.

However, the tribunal has dragged on and failed to sit as the three judges challenged the matter in court. The southern African country’s second main opposition party, the United Party for National Development, has questioned the motive behind the setting up of the tribunals to probe judges.

“Where are we going with these tribunals? Even before Chikopa has started sitting, two more tribunals are set up,” the party said in a statement posted on its facebook page


  1. Spare us the nosense please.
    Who doesn’t know that the Judiciary is under siege under this government. The Judiciary is being incapacitated daily, while appointments to the bench now are skewed in one direction.
    Look at Judge Chocho Situmbeko’s antics on PF matters. She gives an Exparte order to the PF today and sets the date for inter parte hearing. 24 hours later she discharges the Exparte order without an interparte hearing.
    Now she has the submissions from both sides, the learned Judge can’t make a ruling!
    This Hakainde – Miles Sampa project is destroying men and women Proffessionals of integrity in Zambia. Look at how soiled the Legislature and Executive are. The last bastion of our Democracy, the Judiciary is now under siege. Hakainde will be the worst President to have ever ruled Zambia.
    Surely there’s no one in UPND with sense to advise this man??
    2024 will be another wasted year for Hakainde who seems not to know why he was voted into office…But let him know,the more he continues the shameful Miles Sampa project, the more Abuse and illegalities he will be committing, and some day chickens will come home to roost.

    • Your rantings are like from the pf emeritus relic mpundu. Grow some balls and face Sampra’s problem as your own pfidiots creation. HH7 is not part of the pfidiots! You’re even hallucinating about chickens coming home, niya how?

  2. So if late president Michael Sata fired him , HH went to ask Michael for permission to fire him. Judge Katenekwa was known to be UPND sympathiser. Check all the cases where filled in Kabwe where he was a high court Judege. Now he has not done what you wanted him to do to throw the case between miles, Lubinda and mundubile he is suspended possibly fired
    Shame on you hypocrites, sycophant but driven by pure hatred , power hungry, dictators with no integrity or shame. Lies have legs , you can lie to those who don’t know your schemes. At the rate you are destroying things in disguise and desperation. Your days are becoming more meaningless and shorter.
    Remember, most of the people contributing on these chat sites or social media platforms, were not here , nowadays you people with no shred of intelligence, knowledge, experience or wisdom contribute effectively, analysis what others are saying because the borrowed power from the Zambian citizenry has clouded your aging brain cells.
    Two years ago , you were scared to say anything. It was us supporting HH companies for him because we thought PF was stamping on the peoples rights. HH had suffered on their hands . Kambwili was encouraged to work with HH to ensure the change happens. We are witnessing a deterioration of fabrics of democratic institutions in democratic republic of Zambia. Cannibalism is the only remaining with this government. The police, judiciary, ACC, DEC and ZRA are used to go after their perceived enemies but be assured the same will be used against you after you are out of office.


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