Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba

Just resign and avoid stress, Kabimba tells DPP

State Counsel Wynter Kabimba says it is not in the DPP’s hands to stop the investigation of Milingo Lungu, saying she must simply resign to avoid the stress, as it is even difficult to tell the impartiality of the people she would appear before if the matter were to escalate.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the letter Director of Public Prosecutions Shawa Siyuni wrote to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DPP) director general that the commission’s decision to re-arrest Lungu was ultra vines the constitution which solely gives the DPP’s office the power to give instructions on prosecution of matters, Kabimba, the Economic Fighters (EC) leader, said if Lungu was re-arrested on additional fresh charges and not those that fell under the nolle then the arrest is legal.

DEC said Milingo was re-arrested on the same charges plus another charge of allegedly being in possession of a house in Lusaka’s Sunningdale area reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

“The only issue here to clarify is that the power… http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/just-resign-and-avoid-the-stress-kabimba-tells-dpp/

Credit: Daily Revelation


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