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BRIAN Mundubile, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament is perplexed at President Hakainde Hichilema´s decision to endorse makeshift toilets in Kitwe’s Kwacha Township allegedly built at an exorbitant cost of K350, 000 each.

Mr Mundibile believes that the cost of the Kwacha toilets was highly exaggerated, stating that a probe should be instituted to establish the cost of the small toilets that has raised media stench in the country.

Mr Mundubile has challenged President Hichilema and his team to justify how an estimated 2×4 metres toilet could possibly cost more money than a modest two bedroomed house with a toilet and bathroom included.

“Anyone who has built a modest two or three bedroomed house will confirm to you that the cost is about K300, 000 total to complete the house with everything in it,” Mr Mundubile said.

He asked, “How then can a small toilet with cheap doors and roofing sheets cost more than a two to three bedroomed house? Something is terribly wrong here and it’s sad President Hichilema has allowed himself to be caught into this brewing toilet scandal.”

Mr Mundubile, who is also Patriotic Front (PF) Mporokoso Member of Parliament reminded Mr Hichilema that while in opposition, he was the biggest critic on cost of construction of roads, airports, and bridges under President Edgar Lungu which he said were ´overpriced´ and sub-standard in quality.

“He (President Hichilema) has always been speaking against our construction projects calling them overpriced and not durable and not built on time. But look at his toilets…this is shameful, and reflects badly on the President,” Mundubile said.

Cornelius Mweetwa, the government chief spokesman recently threatened the privately owned KBNTV for discussing the questionable standards of the toilets and the rationale behind taking the President to launch them when that could have been done by a councillor.

But Mr Mundubile has warned President Hichilema that when he is no longer in office, uncomfortable questions will be asked on how he could endorse certain projects such as the toilets and the continued disposal (stripping) of state assets such as mines.

The 1,600 toilets, multiplied by K350, 000 each, have raised an engineering smell´ in the Zambian media and political arena, prompting critics to suggest that there was corruption in the tendering process.

Mr Mundubile said, “How else can you explain the amount for a one room toilet? Maybe Mr Mweetwa has an answer to this question since he has answers to everything.”

President Hichilema wants to use the toilets as a tool to fight cholera that has killed hundreds of Zambians recently.

(Credit: Daily Nation Zambia)


  1. Hon sure…. you can’t even calculate? 54,000,000 ÷ 1,600 = K33,750 not 350,000. This is grade 3 math.

    One toilet costed less than K35,000 which is a very reasonable cost.

    Talk about something else but constructive.

  2. Wait a minute, is this chap Brian Mundubile still a leader of the opposition in the ZAMBIAN Parliament?? I thought the new PF President Miles Sampa showed this chap a way out!!???

  3. PF under Sata and Lungu, were the worst tribalist presidents.
    If we Zambians knew what happened during PF ,we shouldn’t even listen to them. Lungu should be prosecuted for the mini genocide, a lot Zambians from Western, North Western & Southern Provinces were treated as second half citizens. If you want that thing to happen again, vote for PF.

  4. Mundubile must know that HH has ended their political career in zambia. First ba Daily nation, please report correctly. Mundubile is not leader of the House. He doesn’t speak as such in parliament. Its not HH who put Richard Sakala in Jail for 2 years. It was Fred Membe who hated Sakala very much for fear of competition. Just appreciate what HH has done to the people of Chimwemwe. Besides, the project is being done by Nkana Water and sewerage and not Government directly. So if you want to question the cost, go and question Nkana water and sewerage. You hate HH so much such that even If your wife is not doing well in bed, it’s HH . You FOOL!

  5. Mr.Brian Mundubile ,you are a truly a zambian who is patriotic, therefore if you are hart with the money used in building these substandard toilets please kindly walk to nearest ACC offices a report these culprits.We are tired of thieves especially those with PF characteristics as Honourable Mulusa once referred the PF the then ruling party.

  6. Mundubile, this may smell because it is full of PF Sh1t, PF stinks just like your mouth you effing chikala.
    Meet me at arcades and I will fook you up

  7. Mundubile, with your money you could not even build a substandard toilet, you were just keeping your money with the so called female business partners. What is the noise all about now? Leave your friends to work, your time is long gone, where were you when your fellow looters were inflating the prices of fire tenders and ambulances and you were quiet? Whom are you trying to impress now? Some of you are no better than Judas Iscariot who complained about the expensive oil which Mary Magdalene used to anoint Jesus’s feet instead of selling it and give the money to the poor. The Bible says he did complain because he had love for the poor but because he was a thief. Ba PF you still remain on record as the most squanders, looters and thieving leaders this country has ever had


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