Dr. Fred M'membe


Today, we paid a courtesy call on Chief Sokontwe of Milenge District in Luapula Province. He informed us that it is unfair that his subjects are buying mealie-meal at K850 per 25 kg bag when they are equally Zambians.

The Chief is saddened that fertilizer delivered in his Chiefdom was underweight containing three gallons only shared among families. He said sharing a gallon of fertilizer is perpetuating inequality in society especially that he has even been notifying the Office of the President (OP).

Chief Sokontwe also brought to our attention that Milenge is so neglected that it has never received relief food despite high poverty levels. He said Luapula, which is considered to be the least developed but has good rainfall would easily feed other provinces in Zambia.

The Chief further revealed that Cassava Brown Streak disease has ravaged his area of which no attention has been received after Mount Makulu Agricultural Research Station collected samples.
The road network has been neglected with the pontoon is no longer functioning.

We, in the SP believe in the spirit of unity in diversity. When we take over government, we will restore the dignity of our people and the dignity of our chiefs.

We value the insights and wisdom shared by Chief Sokontwe, and they have strengthened our Party’s resolve to end inequality among Zambians.

Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party


  1. But the fertiliser bags delivered in Southern province was all over weight. And double the bags other provinces received. I think this was just oversight by the one in charge of distribution, Mr. HaaFertiliser.

    Regarding the price of mealie meal, prices country wide will sky rocket very soon. This is a lesson to all voters.

  2. Come on Fred let’s do civilized politics. We know the chief does not read local our electronic and print writeups but even in Congo they refuse to buy at that price. We’ve gone to Milenge… especially us who hail from the region. It’s just 118 km from Chembe border but though remote as it is, who can be foolish enough to put mealie meal at K850 when everyone grows maize along the shores of the luapula river throughout the year and none of them manage to make even K1000 a month except for less than 50 council workers. Chembe and Milenge are similar in many ways and we have friends there who can dismiss your statement as a total figment of your plot one obsessed mind.

    Was the chief drunk? Our chiefs are respectable people who cannot lie like that. I totally disagree with this line of politics…it’s archaic to say the least.

  3. Who can honestly believe deceitful, hateful, double tongued mmembe? The rich, tax evading socialist. He accused, prosecuted, tried and convicted poor Chiluba using his post newspaper. This is a sign of madness. Chiluba’s blood is on your head. Who will buy a bag of mealie at 850zmw with all that cassava in luapula province as an alternative?

  4. People should be encouraged to work hard and grow their own food, that is the cheapest or free food they can ever have. The people of Milenge should be boasting of selling expensive mealie meal and not complaining of buying mealie meal. No president or government buys or gives people free mealie meal, they have to grow it themselves. Go to Middle East, you be shocked to find people growing wheat and rice in the desert. Both Chief and M’membe are just misleading the people, they are not telling them the truth. That’s why some people are wondering if the chief was drunk. The President has complained that many people want to live well but they don’t want to work. An adage goes which says; work like a slave if you want to eat like a king.

  5. Fred Membe knows very well that a bag of meal meal cannot cost K850 unless there is something wrong in place. Even the chief is not sincere. In mileage there is DC and other government staff. The chief can sumon them to find out why in Milenge alone out of the whole country, the meal meal is costing K850. We known Fred is politicking and his hatred and bitterness can make him say and do anything. SP will not rule this country until after 2041. So, keep on dreaming Mr Tax evader!

  6. If this report is true, then both the chief and Mr. Mmembe should be ashamed of themselves. Rural areas should not be complaining about the price of mealie meal because they should grow their own food. If they are not growing their own food, then they should not complain because that just shows their laziness and laziness should never be encouraged by anyone who means well.

  7. Very good price for hardworking farmers … Kikikiki
    If we all participate in producing Maize, the price will come down.
    Trouble is you want to stay Mukomboni, no Munda, uzafa na Njala… kikikiki
    You can’t be buying everything!
    At least grow ka small manageable Lima you can irrigate!
    To those who have a failed crop, plant again now and irrigate! If you plant now, in 3 months you will have enough Maize for a year!
    Go to YouTube and search for “Foundation for Farming!” or Pfumfudza plot! This is a climate smart way of farming.
    This is farming God’s way!
    Don’t listen to politicians!
    They can’t feed everyone!

  8. This is all very untrue. Who would buy meanie meal at that price when Milenge is an agriculturally productive area. This simply is playing of politics. Luapula Province doesn’t have a record of people receiving relief food because people are food secure at household level owing to their ability to grow their own food taking advantage of the God given climatic conditions. When you see mealie meal being given out freely, just know that it’s the politicians trying to hoodwink the population in search for a vote

  9. This is simply unbelievable. I suspect Mr. Mmembe is deliberately being untruthful.

    Secondly, assuming that Mr. Mmembe is telling the truth, how would he reduce the price?

  10. The area perceived to be rainbelt you can not start talking about mealie meal going up only the lazy ones like fuledi mmembe and chief himself.people of mileange wake up from laziness you are not babies and stop to be lazy bafikala your area receives alot of water.


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