June 14, 2023

KABWE- United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Batuke Imenda is elated by the Constituency Development Fund projects being undertaken in Kabwe District of Central Province.

Mr. Imenda says it is delighting to see infrastructure development taking shape following the disbursement of the increased Constituency Development Fund that currently stands at K28.3 million.

This came to light today when Mr. Imenda toured Bwacha clinic where a modern maternity wing has been constructed using the CDF at a total of of K798,000.

“We are very happy to see such a modern facility constructed using CDF and that the local people themselves are deciding what and where to put infrastructure,” Mr. Imenda said.

Mr. Imenda said the quality of the infrastructure can be sent from the materials used from the bottom to the top.

Meanwhile, Sister in Charge Valerie Mambwe paid gratitude to the New Dawn Government for providing funding in form of CDF to construct a modern maternity wing.

“As personnel, we are really delighted and motivated that we shall soon be working in a conducive environment.”

The Sister in charge said the maternity wing has running water which is essential in effective and efficient delivery of the newborn and general health of the mothers.

Ms. Mamabwe said the room currently being used as maternity wing is too small and the privacy of mothers is highly compromised.

Another nurse at Nakoli Health Centre which has also seen the construction of a maternity wing Sharon Mbomena said the facility will enable residents to access maternity services without travelling long distances. The maternity wing has been constructed at a total cost of K460,000.

She disclosed that Nakoli situated in Kabwe Central Constituency has a population of 15,000 hence the maternity wing will go a long way in meeting the health needs of expecting mothers.

Mr. Imenda also inspected the School Hall and ablution block for Girls at Highridge Secondary School done at a total cost of K886,000.

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA recently directed that every public health clinic, at a minimum must have a maternity wing with running water as money has been allocated for this.



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