Kagame/ Malanji meeting, PF, Smart Eagles and Sunday Chanda caught.

Muyopa nji bamambala imwe!

Details are slowly emerging that Zambian Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji never met Rwandan President Paul Kagame as claimed by the PF in the pictures they have been lavishly displaying on various media including the National Broadcaster ZNBC, the past two days.

If you carefully scrutinise the pictures below which are supposed to have been for one meeting, Kagame is wearing different set of clothes and different colour of shoes.

Assuming that the meeting took place, it means that after the Rwandan President met Joe Malanji, he rushed home, changed his clothes and shoes and came back to pose for a photo session. What manner of crookedness, deception and desperation is this ba PF sure? – Zambia Eagle Editors

Source : Zambia Eagle


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