Kaizer Zulu mocks Fube, Munir

Kaizer Zulu, Munir Zulu

Kaizer mocks Fube, Munir … But Fube describes Kaizer as a stupid, cold-blooded person

Fugitive former State House political advisor Kaizer Zulu posted three laugh out loud emojis when asked that his sureties were looking for him after he escaped prosecution.

But Fube said Zulu was a stupid person.

Daily Revelation contacted Kaizer on his whereabouts following reports that he fled the country fearing prosecution for having failed to surrender the diplomatic passport and failing to appear before the nearest Immigration Officer at the point of entry.

Responding… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/kaizer-mocks-fube-munir-but-fube-describes-kaizer-as-a-stupid-cold-blooded-person/


  1. Who is stupid between the two? Kaizer or his surities? The answer is obvious.

    But then, they could be playing games with us. The money pledged by the surities is peanuts and therefore of no consequence to Kaizer. Most likely, he has refunded them and added a bonus. That was the original plot.


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