Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu and Chilubi Member of Parliament Mulenga Fube have been detained at the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court.

The two will only be released when they pay K50,000 each.

Zulu and Mulenga need to pay the money for failing to avail Kaizer Zulu before court when needed.


  1. The question is where in Zambia could KZ be Hidden? Can a Zambian hide indefinitely in Zambia? He has put his friends who trusted him in trouble!

  2. What is K50000 to them that is just mere allowance they get from parliament every month. The best was to lock them up until their relatives produce Kaizer.

  3. Our government sometimes amazes me , can interpol sure fail to locate kaiser Zulu~ seems there’s something they’re hiding. Let this man be fished out so that he is tried to his atrocities he committed. The UPND government should not just talk but act as well.We have a lot of an answered questions such as gassing, shootings etc..l find it strange as to how this convict can be on run for some when the police can even pledge a sum of money to be given to anyone with the information on kaiser Zulu.


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