By Darius Choonya

Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says the business transactions that has led to the resignation of Stanley Kakubo as Foreign Affairs Minister was purely a private matter.

Mr. Mweetwa says information obtained so far indicates that he was acting as a businessman and not as a minister.

He says there could be other issues that the government may not be aware of, and such details will only come out during investigations.

And Mr. Mweetwa has described as regrettable the comments by former President Edgar Lungu on the matter, stating that he has no right as he failed to fire some of his ministers then, who were allegedly involved in corruption allegations.

In reaction to the revelation, the former Head of State has called for a thorough investigation into the former minister’s conduct for allegedly collecting 200,000 US dollars and a luxury Mercedes Benz from a Chinese National Zhang Lianan of Lianan Mining Limited of Kitwe, in a deal that never materialized.

This is in relation to the sale of a mine he claimed he owns in Kasempa District, North-Western Province.


  1. What difference is there between Faith Musonda case and Kakubo issue ? Mweetwa you and govt can do better perhaps by going deeper for instance to seek amendment of Constitution to deter Ministers from running private businesses.It is apparently clear that politicians will be hiding behind private business even when their wealth is coming from illicit activities .What if Musonda also claimed the source of her money to have come from her business are you fair enough in treating the two alleged culprits ?Should Musonda claim her money back or she has forgotten about that cash because she has more than what you got from her ?Don’t be quick to talk as govt Spokes person but take time to reflect and view issues from various dimensions to capture the real image and perspective.Ministers and other senior govt doing business tells me that actually these people may have insatiable appetite for money and therefore prone to corrupt temptations.From Berlin

  2. You must be very dull. Mweetwa once a minister you are 24/7 on duty as a minister. There’s no off duty for ministers! You are just a corrupt government and just accept that! Your corruption is even worse than that of Up!


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