Jack Kalala

JACK Kalala says Chishimba Kambwili’s return to the PF is to save his skin.

In a statement availed to The Mast, Kalala, a former special assistant to president Levy Mwanawasa for policy and project implementation and monitoring, said Kambwili has taken upon himself to criticise opposition parties to make himself relevant in the PF.

“His main target seems to be the UPND and its leaders Mr Hakainde Hichilema who have not wronged him in any way,” he said. “Mr Kambwili should appreciate that when the PF regime that he is eulogising today arrested him and put him in prison, it is HH who was there for him and who offered his shoulder for him to lean on. [But] this is the person he has chosen to bad-mouth today.”

He said it was a lack of morality and appreciation for Kambwili to behave in that manner.

“To use (Chishimba Kambwili’s) CK’s own words: “insoni ebuntu!” Kalala said. “People know the reason why CK has gone back to eat his own vomit. It is to save his skin. It is not to serve the interests of the Zambian people.”

Kalala noted that Kambwili is today bad-mouthing the UPND and its leader, Hichilema, to make himself relevant to the PF leadership.

“But he should know that Zambians know better and understand why he is behaving in that senseless manner,” he said. “Our forefathers who had the interests of the people at heart were arrested several times as they struggled to obtain independence for our country. They never surrendered to the colonial powers no matter how many times they were arrested.”

Kalala added that Kambwili should know that it was lack of moral and political values, and principles to flip-flop for political expedience.

He indicated that Kambwili had demonstrated a lack of integrity by resigning from his political party to rejoin the PF, “a party he vilified and described in very derogatory terms.”

“[He called it] a party of thieves, “ba pompwe ba mushibila nsala! He vowed, in strong terms, that there was no way he could return to PF but today, like a…, he has gone back to eat his own vomit,” he said. “It is unethical conduct like this that gives politics a bad name. Zambians are intelligent enough to perceive why CK has decided to return to PF that he had denounced on many occasions before, a party of hooliganism that even publicly humiliated and undressed his wife.”

He added: “one wonders what is going on in the mind of his wife who had suffered humiliation at the hands of PF hooligans.”

“It is taboo in African culture to undress a woman let alone a married woman and a mother. CK should show some dignity and political decency,” said Kalala. “Having resigned, for whatever reasons, from the party he had created, NDC, he has no moral right to criticise and attack UPND and its leadership, of which he was not a member. There would be nothing wrong in attacking NDC, his former party, but not UPND or any other opposition party as doing so would be like bad-mouthing someone’s spouse.”



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