“Am waiting to hear that my elder brother Chishimba Kambwili has also called the news editor for Diggers to shout at him or her like he did with me yesterday for carrying this exact headline.

In his ussual intimidation style Kambwili called to shout at me and threatening to sue me and camnet tv news for also referring to him as embattled NDC president.

Honestly who does that? Kambwili accused me of being a paid up UPND so is Oliver Chisenga and melony chisanga. According to him we are too small to bring him.
Why is it that Kambwili finds pleasure in attacking others but goes in panic mode when his ego is sightly scratched?
Mr. Kambwili must understand that its not worth it picking fights with everybody and anybody at each and every turn.

He Kambwili is not my father so let him to shout at his children he feeds not me.
According to him as of yesterday he was threatening me to report me to my current employers to tell them how I destroyed and misbehaved at prime tv as well as muvi tv.
In my response I told him to go ahead as I have nothing to hide as I have not committed any crimes. He did call my boss and gave him a catalogue of what he views me to be well those are his opinions.

However Kambwili must understand that I kalani muchima and Oliver chisenga are two journalists who have covered kambwili far and wide across this country.
I have never had any misunderstanding with him not even once so for him to release such Vernom on me is shocking to say the least.

I was almost burnt alive in Kasama along with Mwenya musenge all because of him, we almost lost our lives in chinsali’s mulilansolo all because of him and today he can shout at me?
When he Kambwili was in government we were nothing to him as he had ZNBC to his name. When ZNBC slipped off his hands, we became his shoulder to cry on but now he finds pleasure in telling us that we are too small to fight him that is if I have such intentions anyway.
I know he doing all these things because ZNBC is now in his sight as we all know his next political move.

My advise to him is that let him to be grateful.
Am a journalist and I will not be used to champions agenda.
I have always said I would rather remain broke but not to compromise with my integrity.
Surely how can I fight the richest man in zambia with over 70 properties and more in UK? who am I plz to bakambwili who keeps thousands of dollars in his house?

Unlike you who is calling my bosses over issues I don’t know I will not say what I came across while with you coz thats being petty.
Enjoy your riches in peace mr president sir.


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