Kalimanshi returns to a Zambia of no PF commanders

AFTER 12 solid months behind bars for illegal possession and consumption of high grade marijuana, Innocent Kalimanshi walks to freedom today in a Zambia of no political party commanders which was the norm under the dislodged PF regime.

Known for his “military” Amelican group and Embeneza-singing ensemble, Kalimanshi led his troops in many fierce and bloody political battles before he was arrested a few weeks before the August 12 vote.

He had been arrested with 26 others although 20 others were eventually acquitted at trial.

On December 31, the Lusaka Magistrates Court confirmed Kalimanshi’s separation from his complexion-changing soaps and creams as it condemned him to a year’s stay behind bars for drug trafficking.

While Commander Inno was gracing the filthy concrete floors of Zambian Chimbokaila, his party which cheered on political hooligans operating as PF commanders suffered a humiliating loss in the ballot.

The PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu was rejected by close to a three million voters, sending him into terminal disappointment.

Today, Kalimanshi has completed his jail term and walks fo freedom.



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