Kambwili admitted to Roan Hospital


Kambwili admitted to Roan Hospital with BP

PF member Chishimba Kambwili has been admitted to Roan Hospital in Luanshya due high Blood Pressure and swollen legs.

His lawyer Kennedy Mambwe confirmed the development in an interview with Daily Revelation.

“That’s what I… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/kambwili-admitted-to-roan-hospital-with-bp/


  1. Kwikwikwi Dr. CHISUSHI CHANDI NEMWINE KAMBWILI afentela ku hosp. This fella has a loud mouth. Soon he will be WE ARE SPEAKING FROM THE ICU

  2. This idiot should stop this nonsense imidiately, just 3 days of you in that house of strong people you end up coming with this behaviour,stand up and continue with your own food of dividing this country through your tribal statements, fool of this useless hippo

  3. If ,as we know his history, why isnt he taking blood pressure medicine on a daily basis,,, i suffer from high hlood.pressure and take medication on a daily basis for the last 25 years and have never been admitted to hospital for high blood pressure, maybe he should reasses his medical practioners advice .
    High blood pressure untreated is called the silent killer

  4. If I was CK, I would simply retire from politics and look after my Health, family and enjoy my money quietly in Luanshya. I have been to his estate in Luanshya. Its amazing and he has whites tenants
    renting some of his apartments . But look at him now. Sad

  5. These are the same people who scream, “I won’t be intimidated” but when faced with the real challenge they collapse like a pack of cards. Politics is not for the faint hearted.

    Clearly, Mr. Kambwili doesnot have the character of a president.

  6. On matters of health, I was raised never to mock a fellow human being. Get well soon, CK. You have so much to live for and catch up on.

  7. BaMwine Chisushi has appealed his 5 month sentence. He knows as a convict there’s no chance to stand as president so its to do a Katele, kikikiki.

    I pray on appeal, the 5 month sentence will be overturned as being too lenient and be replaced with one more appropriate!

    Next is the Lumezi idiot, lets wait and see.

  8. If only he could be as courageous as his mouth, he would have been president a long time ago.
    Now with the criminal record tag, his fate is sealed!
    When you know you have BP and Sugar issues, stay away from politics altogether!


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