Dr Chishimba Kambwili has condemned the violence that erupted among PF cadres when he was rejoining the ruling party in Lusaka yesterday.

Dr Kambwili has since promised to mediate between the two groups of PF youths to end the violence.

“We need to lead by example as the ruling party. We should not fight because fighting is dirty. What happened here is unfortunate,” he said.

And Dr Kambwili said he will provide checks and balances within the PF.

The former Chief Government Spokesman bemoaned the high cost of essential goods and urged the Government to find a solution.

“I have not come in PF to sing praises all the time. We need to reduce the prices of essential goods for our people. Things are difficult nowadays. We have a problem of huge debt and Zambians are suffering,” he said.

Dr Kambwili also pledged allegiance to President Edgar Lungu.


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