Chibuye Mwape wrote…


Am sure Kambwili does not know Saboi very well to temporarily leave her the party presidency whilst he pursues his search for money and time outside jail time to fund NDC.

Saboi is as crafted as Deborah. Very talented but crampsy. Ask Owas!!!

Those thinking CK is back in PF think again. Yes his body is back and his mobility will follow every campaign trail like GBM but his mind will be in NDC.
CK is clever. He knows he has no direct contact with the PF structures and that has put him in a compromised situation. He knows his still popular amongst most PF supporters amidst his departure and has finally make a very calculated move to come back, regain their confidence and pruuuu!!! move with the masses and cry foul as usual.

He made sure he fought to the core the obstacles to his presidency in the NDC in Musenge and Akafumba. A man cannot fight so hard to retain his grip on a party and leave it just like that. Awe bufi. He calculated his moves and chances and subsequently convinced his inner circle on another direction likely to keep the party and its finances intact.

CK is focusing on 2026 not 2021.

With all odds against him and realising his potential and desperation in PF, CK cleverly negotiated his comeback. He orchestrated his comeback having in mind to supervise his slappists Lusambo, Jean, etc.
He will in due course silently or publicly be appointed at national mobilisation level were he will supervise mobilisation programs and in due course slap vengeance on his slappists.

He will enjoy the benefits of being a figurehead he has always been and his businesses and other incentives will grow and come back to normal for at least the 3 or 4 years he plans to be in the PF.

So those who were paid to insult him, liluba lyalya. He will find you and he will finish you.

Above board CK is a good second hand acquision for PF. A good orater and a powerful selfish figure on the Copperbelt and beyond. In selfish I mean the man cannot share a contract but will want all to himself.

So what happens to His court appearances?
Well your guess is as good as mine…

Anyway, welcome back Chishimba to the mighty PF. Like Rupiah once said; ikakunyokola njala ikakuleta…


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