Kambwili Is Guilty Of Various Offenses And Is Afraid Of Conviction- PF Mafinga MP Robert Chabinga

MAFINGA PF MP Robert Chabinga

Leader of the opposition ROBERT CHABINGA has alleged that former Cabinet Minister CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI is guilty of various offenses and is afraid of conviction after the fleeing the country.

Mr. CHABINGA, who is also a Mafinga Member of Parliament, has also commended law enforcement agencies for swiftly noticing anomalies when Mr. KAMBWILI sought the services of Immigration Officers at the Chirundu border where he fled from.

He has told ZNBC news in an interview that Mr. KAMBWILI should have thought about his medical condition before illegally leaving the country.

Mr. CHABINGA has wondered why Mr. KAMBWILI left the country without following Immigration requirements even when the Government was ready to evacuate him to receive the necessary treatment.

Mr. CHABINGA has since urged Mr. KAMBWILI to return home before things get out of hand and avoid more problems.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr. KAMBWILI proved futile by broadcast time as his phone was not reachable.

ZNBC visited Mr. KAMBWILI’s homes in Lusaka and Luanshya but the gates were locked and nobody responded despite several knocks.-ZNBC


    • Hallucinating Hypocrite you are just a PF pig with no direction. HH is not a member of your PF criminal club. Matako ako PF idiot for dragging HH in your dysfunctional PF club. Too much idiocy in you PF criminal iwe.

      • Bob these are kind of outbursts that you get from people who cant handle the truth. They start getting personal with people that tell them to their face the truth.
        The MP is stating facts. Kambwili is running away from the law. He committed a crime and is now running away. Zimbabwean authorities are failing to send him back to Zambia. Why? Even if he goes to South Africa, he is still a criminal and shoud be sent back. The fact is that the courts sentenced him to jail with “hard labour” and not simple sentence, NO! Hard labour why the gravity of his crime. Prison is a deterant and reformation place.
        PF and Kambwili have a symptom that we are trying to cure in our society. People who think that they are above the law. People who think they cant and should not be held accountable.
        Please deport Kabwili the law is the law. Instead of the few years he should have serve Kambwili has just made life worse for himself. What a coward.

  1. February 3, 2024 At 5:53 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation
    Let us be careful with mnangagwa Emerson and Edgar lungu all those trucks were engineered by mnangagwa Emerson and Edgar lungu!!!!!!!!! Why using Zimbabwean boarder not other boarders? something is fishing here.

  2. These are last kicks of dying horse,,,Chishimba is totally out of the game of politics ,he is both politically and financially handcupt,,,the big man has no direction,,,he has confessed himself that he needs Help..

  3. CK reminds me of “Courage, the Cowardly dog” … Kikikiki
    He is very carelessly courageous in the mouth but when danger comes, he faints.
    Surely, will all your 70 + houses you claim to have, how can you say you are broke?
    Your paranoia is driving you nuts!


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