Kambwili keeps public waiting

AFTER making sure his loyal supporters were in deep sleep last night, Chishimba Kambwili sneaked out of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) under the cover of night darkness.

The boisterous former lawmaker who
abandoned his famed “punch for punch” campaign against the PF weeks back
suddenly appeared on his Facebook page around 22:30 hours and promptly announced his resignation from the NDC promising to reveal his next political direction today.

Although Kambwili is widely expected to summersault back to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), he has not officially announced rejoining the party he left in 2017.

Kambwili’s change of heart and desire to return to the PF comes at the backdrop of a jail stint with more likely trips back as well as coming complaints of being squeezed.

After being found with a case to answer by Lusaka Magistrate Court in a case where he is charged charged with possession of proceeds reasonably suspected to proceeds of crime, the burly politician trotted away from waiting journalists saying he was rushing to announce his next political move.

But Kambwili has been mute since.

Despite curling into humility and issuing apology after apology to President Edgar Lungu and the PF, the legal rope around Kambwili’s neck has been tightening.

His problems have also been compounded by his former NDC colleagues who started by kicking him out the party presidency before asking the court to order Kambwili never present himself as party leader.

Now, Kambwili faces jail for contempt of Court after rounding up his friends to vote him NDC president.



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