By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba
I doubt below circulating on WhatsApp is true. Edgar hates Kambwili with a passion and made it clear to my reliable sources telling them to accept him back in PF but never bring him closer to him…

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An impeccable source at State House has told The Candidates that former National Democratic Congress (NDC) President Dr. Chishimba Kambwili is soon going to be unveiled as the Patriotic Front (PF) Vice President and running mate to President Lungu in the August elections.

The source explains the dynamics of why President Lungu has reached this verdict in the long phone conversation:

“Morning mwana. That issue you inquired I have some information for you. The issue has been settled now and soon enough it will be public knowledge. CK is going to be veep, its confirmed. The calculation, just like I said it earlier on is that, if you scan the recent appointments which the principal made in the central committee, the SG is from Luapula.

Initially that position was going away from ba Mwila looking at how slow and weak he has been to consolidate the party but what was behind retaining him is that Luapula is a big factor so the principal decided to give that province an SG then get a veep from Northern. This time around we will not get from Western because we want a balance. We have given Northwestern some prominent people so there we are okay. Since the principal is from Eastern, there it is out.

We have now Southern which we know giving it a veep would be an exercise in futility. So, we remain with Northern. We have given it to Chitimukulu and that is why we have settled on Kambwili who comes from Mporokoso. There is a political calculation which am sure you have no difficulties to understand. I sure about this, you may want to cross reference with other sources but CK is coming in as veep.”


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