Former Information Minister, CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI has returned home from South Africa where he was evacuated to by government for specialist treatment.

Mr. KAMBWILI says his condition has improved and is currently under observation at Maina Soko Medical Centre in Lusaka.

Speaking to ZNBC News, Mr. KAMBWILI said the gesture shown by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is a symbol of brotherhood.

He further expressed gratitude to the government for rendering help adding that if he was not evacuated, he could have lost his life.

Mr. KAMBWILI said, when he is discharged, he plans to meet President HICHILEMA to thank him in person.

Meanwhile, Mr. KAMBWILI’s brother, Bishop MUTALE KAMBWILI thanked President HICHILEMA for coming to the aid of the family in their time of need.



  1. How does a convict be granted audience with the Head of State?
    With all due respect, the manner, the utterances and the nerve to even suggest this shows how unrepentant Kamwili is. His handlers and the president should not grant a criminal the time of day. There many deserving hardworking and exemplary Zambians that deserve the time of day, than these conniving people that have used the coridors of power to push their own personal agenda, forgetting that there Zambia in Rural areas seeking the very opportunities that they abuse. Zambia ya bonse bane…

    • We are humans created in the image of God. We should be able to forgive each other’s transgressions as the lord forgives us of our transgressions

      • The essence of imprisonment is reform. To forgive is not to enable or forget. Kambwili can write to the President to express his gratidue but to ask for a meeting…is an insult to Zambian in itself.
        We keep tolerating Tayali, yet forget the damaging behaviour Tayali has caused. Those people that were shot by the Police and lost their lives (Nsama et al) were the result of a political orchestrated move by Tayali. Similarly, Kambwili’s tribal utterances are no different.
        Lets not gloss over bad behaviour. If allowed the persons that do these things that its ok. We will forgive them and do it again. Kambwili and Tayali’s behaviour is a means to an end for them. A way to make a living. But a cost to our society. Nsama’s family paid the ultimate price for such actors, why do we continue to cheer such actors on?

  2. This man is a con artist, he did the same to ECL and was given presidential pardon. He wants to do the same again. Let him just pass go and go straight to jail. He is a very dishonest man.

  3. Desperate situations call for desperate measures…Retrieved from Zimbabwe, and well…..sent to RSA for Treatment…Bizzare Politics in Zambia? Not for the discerning eye. Then the Self confessed instigator and promoter of Tribal Hatred , Cornelius Mweetwa, well , attempts to white wash Kambwili’s Tribal Talk..It was our plan to get rid of the despicable Edgar Lungu! Kambwili is a good man, and we worked very well with him..and we wish him a quick recovery!
    A UPND Chitenge is already prepared, extra large size , for Kambwili of course .. Desperate measures by UPND as it senses defeat in 2026! Watch the space.

    • Hallucinating Hypocrite you are surely hallucinating continuously bwana. Your criminal PF losers will never come back into power again iwe Ch PF Kembo. Fuseki!

    • Indigo Tryol always busy shitting political nonsense. Yes we shall vote correctly again in 2026. Your PF Kelenkas are gone for good you PF goon. I submit to you

  4. I can see that some people would also like to be paid to insult some Tribe and it is not difficult to guess which Tribe they would relish to insult, since daily they already insult this Tribe, pro bono. If they were born in the then Rwanda of the 1990s they would have been the Kingpins yielding sharp Pangas slaughtering this Tribe!


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