Kasama Magistrate Court jails Kambwili for 5 months imprisonment

Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) member of the Central Committee, Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, has been sentenced to five months imprisonment for hate speech.

This is in a case where he was charged with the offence of expressing hatred and ridicule of the people of Southern Province based on tribe and place of origin.

Kambwili, 54, of house number 9, Wisteria Avenue, Luanshya, appeared before Kasama Resident Magistrate, Samson Mumba for Judgement.

Dr. Kambwili is expected to appeal both the conviction and sentence.

Kambwili was represented by Kaizala Tembo from Ferd Jere& Company


    • The trouble is they let him out after his treason charge. If they had kept him inside, we would not be in this situation.

      Anyway, umulandu taubola.

  1. First person to go to prison for hate speech since independence. But he’s not the first person to engage in hate speech. Are we going to see more people facing the law for hate speech? I hope so.

    • Some could say we have never really had a dictator before, hence no one has ever been jailed for this nonsense crime.

      Part of the judiciary might be on his payroll. Who knows?

      • I understand that recordings of what Chishimba Kambwili had said were played out in court. It’s not entirely Chishimba Kambwili’s fault. What do you expect to happen if you allow a practice of some languages being marginalised in their natural habitat due to government policy in early education?

    • We have something in common.

      We both do not like CK.

      However, I do not rejoice in injustice, even if that target is someone I do not like. That is the main difference between you and I, Sir.

  2. The useless Zambia we have become…
    Here is a person who used Tribe to ascend to the Party Presidency… Rode on Tribe, Lived on Tribe, fanned tribal hatred fracturing the Country through his divisive regional politics, taking us back to pre – independence tribal politics… Becomes a National Leader through the vote of all , to give him a chance, but alas seeks to entrench a Tribal Hegemony, to further divide the country…What end game does this warped mind seek?
    At a loss for words to describe the misfortune which has befallen the people, of once a great nation..one land and one nation …of work and unity.

  3. Sorry, but you went too far and you deserve it. Hopefully, you will reflect and change for the better. The season for cultivation of state fields, i can only imagine. Anyway, you are a surviver.

  4. He brought it on himself by doing the dirty job for PF to procure the pardon from ECL for his earlier crime. Only people with mental deficiencies can think Kambwili isnt guilty with overwhelming evidence all over the media. He should just serve his jail term. 5 months is very little, instead of wasting money on Lawyers through appeals only to go in eventually. When Kambwili comes out he would have reformed.

  5. All the idiots who hate one person can never see criminality in any criminal case, all they see is some hidden hand behind the convictions.

    These are the same idiots who mock the NPA of not having secured convictions for corruption. When the courts will start sentencing the thieves, the corrupt and the plunderers, the same stinking mouths will vomit a hidden hand. STUPID IDIOTS.

    Let the law take its course on all criminals, let Kambwili appeal, it is his right, I only hope the higher Court will increase this lenient sentence.

  6. You reap what you sow. There are too many people practicing hate speech so I expect more to go in. Tame your tongue me hate speech. Whatever you say don’t think you are clever or you are a star otherwise your children will suffer . Practice civil politics you don’t lose anything.

  7. Kambwili had it coming. Tribe nor religion should not be used for politicking hope others will learn from this. No one is above the law.

    • I do not see Chishimba Kambwili as really a bad man. He’s more poorly read about Bantu tribes than he is bad. If our school system was teaching enough about what indigenous Zambian tribes really were, the commonalities between them would become obvious even to the most stiff-necked ignoramus.


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