“An arrow just goes to the sky [by shooting from the bow] but it’s home is on the ground.”

“If you have never suffered before, you won’t work hard because you would think everything comes easy.”

“If a person leaves and goes through suffering while away from home, when he comes back, he will work extra hard so that he doesn’t suffer again the way he suffered [when he went out].”

“If people are saying, “that person is wicked”, you won’t know his wickedness until you get close to that person and walk with him, that’s when you will know the wickedness of that person.”

“Where I have come from, I walked with some people I will not mention but I ran away from them and if imbwili could run away, who are you to go there?”

➡️ They don’t think about poor people, I do.

“Some people are saying that I have let down the people of Zambia [by re-joinning PF] but i came here, I came here wearing the flag of Zambia because everything I do, the first people I think about are the poor people of Zambia.”

“Now, how can me, the person who thinks about the poor people of Zambia be the first to person to lead them astray to a place where i thoroughly assesed and found that there is no life?”

“Am appealing to you Zambians, I know at the moment things are rough [in Zambia] but let’s look at the bigger picture.”

“The work of the opposition is to put government on it’s toes but when you are doing that, do not posses the behavior, character and actions of making the poor people suffer.”

“When you are fighting as Political leaders and doing certain things that made me leave you, you have to know that there are poor people in this country, and myself, will i never run away from poor people.”

➡️ They are sabotaging our country.

“When you start sabotaging the country you want to rule, you are a fool!”

“At the moment, the problems we have are high debt and the high commodity prices which has caused many people to suffer and the only way we can sort out this debt is to ask for deferment.”

“Even you as an opposition leader believe that deferment of debt is the solution but you decide to go to creditors and tell them to turn down the proposal by government to defer the payment so that people should suffer even more and when they suffer, they will rise against the government, but when you happen win, you plan to go and ask for deferment of debt payment. You fool!”

“If we [Zambians] leave this country, we cease to be PF, UPND or NDC, we are supposed to be simply Zambians and we should not entertain anyone talking bad about Zambia.”

“But if you as a leader you be in the forefront of inciting the international community to bad-mouth and cause unrest in your country so that you rule, you are a fool!”

➡️ God has denied them to rule because of Tribalism.

“And if we are not careful, there will be deadliest war in this country because it has been paralyzed where people are now voting based on regional lines, which is very dangerous.”

“If am bemba and my fellow bembas give me 99% of the votes, I must know that there is something wrong am doing.”

“If am a wise bemba, the entire country should vote for me with good number of votes but if you are not getting votes in other parts other than your region, there is something wrong.”

“And sometimes God speaks by causing confusion and using signs to show that he has denied you.”

“[The sign is that] PF was born 10 years ago and has already formed government while you have been in existence for 20 years yet still outside government, go and ask God what wrong you did.”

“And Zambians also ask yourselves why it has taken them that long to rule, the answer is simple; God has denied them to rule and if you force God, you will regret and don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Tribalism and any Political party which starts tribalism by telling people to vote on tribal lines must be condemned at all costs because it will move from Political party level to individual level where people will start fighting each other based on tribe.”

“So such kind of Political parties must be extincted from the political arena not through deregistration but by simply explaining to the electorate that these people are tribal and don’t deserve your votes and when they get zero (0) votes, they will know that tribalism is wrong.”

➡️ PF is my home.

“If I say I have rejoined PF, I will be lying, I have only come to renew my [membership] card but I haven’t come to here to sing praise all the time; if things are wrong, I will say things are wrong like the high cost of food and if the late president Sata should rest in peace, we need to work extra to reduce the cost of food.”

“If we have ended load-shedding and fuel shortage, we can reduce the price of food and control the exchange rate.”

➡️ They have no recovery plan but merely a cartel.

“When you ask them what they will do about a national problem, they say, “don’t worry because we will have time to buy. We will tell the people we inherited a broke coffin where there was no money, and a lot of these high prices have been caused by the cartel and there is a leader of this cartel.”

~Chishimba Kambwili, PF member


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