If there is a lesson to be drawn from Chishimba Kambwili by all Zambians is that of the fact that people will use their hatred to make you hate those they hate.

Today, Kambwili is really suffering alone as all those that praised him when he was committing crimes are in their comfort zones. Perhaps only his wife, children and some true distance family members are by his bed side. Forget the side chicks. Those were after him when it was beneficial for them and this adds to Kambwili’s big PF family. They have all gone.

In fact, for the PF big Family, they feel Kambwili is to blame that Edgar Lungu lost elections.

While Kambwili is battling for his life, there is that another politically impotent cadre or thug who is about to lose his senses and be used by th3 same clique to break laws.

By the way. In mobilisation, you will rarely see Sean Tembo’s children picking stones or being told to rise up. Edgar Lungu’s Tasila had even gone to the USA and only came back to Zambia when the father was President and the people of Chawama ended up voting for an American raised and accent orator who doesn’t even know which area gets flooded badly and source of cholera as she doesn’t even stay in the same Constituency.

While Kambwili did a lot of bad things including calling for other people to be killed or Zambia to be divided, he remains human and only his mouth betrayed him as Edgar Lungu saw the opening quickly.

Today, Kambwili, Hakainde Hichilema President of Zambia has allowed that Kambwili be given special medical treatment. This is as it should be but what remains to be seen is if Kambwili will surely reciprocate one day by calling for unity and avoid name calling. He is a convict and he has appealed his jailing and State argues that actually his six months jail is too little for the divisive language he used.

Today it is Kambwili in jail, in a hospital bed with handcuffs and next it will be you if you keep opening your mouth like a hungry hyena or abusing your fingers through writings and when you spew tribal hatred and lies, obviously by then you may do so on people that have really felt so much pain and can’t forgive you as HH does. So, live in harmony with everyone.


  1. This is how it should be!
    Never again will we allow this country to go back to the days of impunity, hooliganism and Lawlessness!
    It’s time for patriotic Citizens who love this country to guard jealously the peace and tranquility we have restled from hooligans who held us at ransom!
    Tisabwelele kumavuto!

  2. Nowadays you can imagine anything in Zambia and there will be someone to publish it. When articles make “perhaps” a fact the writer has nothing to offer. He hasnt gone to Kambwili’s bed but still wants to sound like he is an authority. Stop such printing of rubbish: ” Perhaps only his wife, children and some true distance family members are by his bed side. Forget the side chicks ”
    So much nonsensical writing and this is what is called journalism? Why should side chicks visit him?


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